Top 11 Tools For Distributed Machine Learning

There are two fundamentally different and complementary ways of accelerating machine learning workloads:  By vertical scaling or scaling-up, where one adds more resources to a single machine  Or  2. By horizontal scaling or scaling-out, where one adds more nodes to the system But when it comes to the degree of distribution within a machine learning […]

Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe To Standardise Machine Learning Models

With an aim to solve help organisations deploy machine learning in their ecosystems, Oracle has open sourced their high-performance standard network protocol GraphPipe. Announced on August 15, GraphPipe provides a standard protocol for transmitting tensor data over the network, along with simple implementations of clients and servers that make deploying and querying ML models from any […]

TensorFlow Vs Caffe: Which Machine Learning Framework Should You Opt For?

When it comes to TensorFlow vs Caffe, beginners usually lean towards TensorFlow because of its programmatic approach for creation of networks. TensorFlow has surged ahead in popularity largely because of the large adoption by the academic community. Caffe, on the other hand, has been largely panned for its poor documentation and convoluted code. In this […]

Evaluation Of Major Deep Learning Frameworks

There are many deep learning frameworks out there and it can lead to confusion as to which one is better for your task. in this article, we will evaluate the different frameworks with the help of this open-source GitHub repository. Frameworks are like different programming languages. One has its own way of communicating with the […]