Introduction To GitHub For Aspiring Data Scientists

Popularly considered to be the exclusive domain of software developers, Git – the most widely used modern version control system in the world – is increasingly being used by data scientists today. This may strike some people as odd – how can this platform add value to the daily work of a data scientist, commonly […]

Top 5 Alternatives To GitHub


In the past 10 years, GitHub repositories have been the most favourite among developers to share their code with the other software enthusiasts, apart from their own internal team (with permission of course!), mainly due to their simple and flexible features. While GitHub remains fitting for programmers, its ease of use makes it suitable for […]

What Would Microsoft Gain From GitHub Acquisition? Increased Azure Adoption

What would Microsoft gain from buying the open source community GitHub? For almost a week now, this news has been doing the rounds. Now, GitHub CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath has confirmed the acquisition in a blog post. Wanstrath said that the acquisition took place because Microsoft and GitHub saw eye-to-eye on core subjects like […]