The Dark Side of Open Source

Lack of Interest, change in profession, and creative differences are some of the issues that cause developers to close an open-source project

How To Scrape Websites Using Puppeteer & Node.js

Web scraping using Node.js framework Puppeteer

Web scraping is the process of extracting information from the internet, now the intention behind this can be research, education, business, analysis, and others. Basic web scraping script consists of a “crawler” that goes to the internet, surf around the web, and scrape information from given pages. We have gone over different web scraping tools […]

Top 5 Skills Required To Become An IoT Developer

IoT technology in India is huge today and constantly emerging. The technology serves with the luxury of automation using seamless communication between devices. It has been labelled as “the next Industrial Revolution” because of the way it will change the way people live, work, entertain and travel, as well as how governments and businesses interact […]

12 Amazing Node.js Frameworks For Developers In 2019

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, developers too have to keep themselves updated.  Over the last few years, Node.js has proven itself to be liked by the developers because of its open source, cross-platform runtime environment. In this article, we list down 12 amazing Node.js frameworks for the developers. 1| Adonis,js AdonisJs is a Node.js web […]

A look at how System Programming differs from Application Programming in IoT projects

Systems programming and applications programming are two major components of IoT projects and are required for an effective execution of IoT-based projects. Both require specific programming skills and know-how. Moreover, a system programmer can make a lateral move to application programming, and vice versa. Generally, both the types of IoT programming work in tandem in […]