Red Hat’s Neeraj Bhatia On How Open Source Defines The Future Of Technology

Open source has truly democratised technology. Red Hat is one of the top open source companies in the world, creating innovative technologies for over two decades now. Analytics India Magazine caught up with Neeraj Bhatia, Senior Director Sales, Red Hat India/South Asia to understand more about the open source ecosystem and Red Hat’s role in […]

Now Red Hat Is Giving Away This For Free

Have you ever used a machine learning algorithm and got confused by its predictions? How did it make this decision? How do we ensure trust in these systems? To answer these questions, recently, a team of researchers at Red Hat introduced a new library known as TrustyAI. TrustyAI looks into explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) solutions […]

What Data Science Graduates Need To Do To Get Hired During Covid-19 Pandemic

Data science

While news of data science graduates from tier-1 colleges getting hired with good salary packages amid a recession and an ongoing pandemic is mildly reassuring, there is no contending the fact that jobs are scarce and freshers need to brace themselves for an altered work landscape. However, despite the uncertainty, some companies have been hiring […]

6 Advanced Skills That Will Get Data Scientists Hired In The Post-COVID World

6 Advanced Skills That Will Get Data Scientists Hired In The Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has urged companies to transform their strategies in order to have business continuity in the post-lockdown world. This, in turn, provided opportunities for data scientists to upskill/reskill themselves with relevant skill sets to keep up their relevancy. Therefore, it has become imperative for data science professionals to rethink their career strategies. […]

Airtel Partners With Red Hat For Building Hybrid Cloud Network

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s largest integrated telcos, has selected Red Hat to build its new telco network cloud, designed to make it more efficient, flexible and future-ready to support core operations and enable new digital services. Under the agreement, Airtel will build its next-generation core network, analytical tools and new consumer and enterprise services […]

Facebook Shared The Recipes For Building An Open-Domain Chatbot

Recently, the researchers at Facebook AI open-sourced a new chatbot known as Blender. According to the researchers, this new chatbot performs more human-like interactions than the previous chatbots.  Along with the announcement of the chatbot, the researchers shared the recipe behind the building and deploying of the same. They stated that for the first time […]