Who Will Win the AGI Race? 

With big tech still fighting in the big race for AI supremacy, an AGI race is slowly gaining momentum. Who will succeed? And, how?

Reinforcement Learning Rant Continues

Yann LeCun said that though RL is inevitable in machine learning, the purpose behind incorporating it in algorithms should be to eventually minimise its use.

Is Reinforcement Learning Still Relevant?

While there are various practical applications of reinforcement learning, the concept as a whole poses some limitations when used in developing autonomous machine intelligence

What to expect from Meta’s ‘Inside the lab’ event?

According to former Google CEO, Meta's Metaverse is "not the best for society"

Meta is coming up with their first conference detailing their progress of the metaverse after the major rebranding from Facebook. The virtual event ‘Inside the lab: Building for the metaverse with AI’ will be held on February 23 at 10:30 PM (IST) and have speakers across the AI board. The opening and closing notes will […]

A guide to self-supervised learning with graph data

graph structure has much additional information with them like node attributes, and label information of nodes. Using this source of information, we can have unprecedented opportunities to design advanced level self-supervised pretext tasks

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Supervised Classification

in the self supervised learning process we are mainly focused about making the data workable to the downstream algorithms. but when using the self-supervised learning we make the data specifically for classification we can say the process is self-supervised classification.