Why AI Needs You

The second talk of the Women in AI Conference, The Rising was presented by Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, who is the VP of Industry Outreach and Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. The topic of the session is “Why AI Needs You.”  Polly started the session by discussing the need for AI in organisations, its importance in business and […]

Walmart And IBM Are Bringing Traceability To Groceries Using Blockchain

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is looking into blockchain to script the future of the supply chain. The technology is well-suited for managing data spread over a number of parties. The move by Walmart is not only a way to make their processes more efficient, but to also bring about a change in the retail […]

How Blockchain Can Get The Freshest Food To Your Nearest Supermarket

Blockchain’s ability to hold a single shared truth of the transactions that take place is being used in a variety of applications. One of those is in logistics, where this is sorely needed. Logistics is an industry that has long suffered from the presence of a high number of intermediaries and non-transparency. Certain characteristics of […]

How ML Is Helping The Retail Industry Deal With Procurement Challenges

The retail industry is witnessing a massive shift and with this, the industry is also facing one of the biggest challenges—procurement. With time, the needs of customers and shift retail formats changes and to match that, retailers need to adapt to new procurement solutions every now and then. That is not all, retailers also need […]

A look at ‘Looking Glass’ – Wipro’s industrial internet of things platform

Today’s economies are reliant on industrial internet platform that consume petabytes of data from machines, sensors, devices, mobile and fixed assets and captures the true value of data through smart insights. Wipro in alliance with the enterprise vendor Software AG has created a streaming analytics platform that would help enterprises develop IoT applications. The platform […]