Will Tesla Make (it) in India?

Tesla has struggled with optimising their production because Musk has been intent on manufacturing all the car’s parts independent of other suppliers since 2017.

Why Tesla AI Day Sucked

In 2019, at Tesla’s Autonomy Day, Elon Musk said that Tesla would have over a million self-driving vehicles on the road where riders “could go to sleep” by mid-2020.

Are Deep Neural Networks Unequivocally Better Than Lidar?

Tesla has always had a unique approach towards self-driving cars. The electric car company has been developing Computer Vision and Synthetic Neural Networks to solve the challenges associated with self-driving cars. While industry giants like Toyota, Google, Uber, Ford and General Motors all have been working with Lidar, Tesla has always proclaimed that Lidar will […]

Tesla’s Karpathy On The Tech Behind Its Autopilot Project

“We are in bad shape when it comes to transportation. We have these metallic objects travelling really quickly with really high kinetic energy. We are putting meat in the control system; it is quite undesirable. It fundamentally comes down to people not being too good at driving. They get into a lot of trouble,” said […]