Council Post: Uberisation of Analytics

Uberisation of Analytics

Collaboration is a golden rule for organisations to truly leverage the scope of their data and enhance their business. Organisations need to be flexible to be interactive with data. This entails the freedom to access insights, conduct exploratory analysis and collaborate. Collaborative analytics makes it easy to share analytical initiatives and insights that can lead […]

Booked: Should You Allow Cab Services To Use Your Data

“Ridesharing apps usually store information about where users are going, like frequent destinations, how long they stay there, and origins of trips.” All your favourite apps work the way they do because they rely heavily on personalisation. Algorithms devour the data that users provide and leverage the behavioural patterns of users to offer ‘5-star’ experience. […]

Uber Open-Sourced Piranha: A Tool To Automatically Delete Unused Codes

World’s most extensive transportation network company, Uber has been engaged in powerful developing techniques to provide a great user experience. Uber has been using feature flags to customise the mobile app execution, which serves various features to different sets of users. These feature flags help in localising the user’s experience in different operating regions as […]

How Loss Change Allocation For Machine Learning Training Can Aid Transparency

Whether it is the market crash or a wrong diagnosis, the after-effects will be certainly irreversible. Hence, tracking the development of machine learning algorithm throughout its life cycle becomes crucial. Neural network activations have an underlying compositional, combinatorial structure.  Visualising the behaviour of neural networks has been of great interest lately for two reasons — […]