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TRAI introduces TRAI Analytics Portal: Giving customers the power to choose

TRAI introduces TRAI Analytics Portal: Giving customers the power to choose


If you unhappy with your telecom operator or want to know how strong is the network in your area or how many towers are there in your area, well you can have answers to all these questions. Additionally you can also know all these details for all the other telecom operators too and choose the best one. TRAI has made this possible with its recent launch of a new portal called “TRAI Analytics Portal”.

Benefits of the Portal

This analytics portal aims at providing subscribers with all the information about the performance and quality of services being offered by their telecom operators like network coverage, data speed, call drop rates to name a few. The launch of TRAI Analytics portal has come after the launch of MySpeed app and DND Services.

The portal is a way for the subscribers to know telecom industry better. TRAI analytics portal is accessible to everyone across India. The idea behind launching such a portal is to bring in transparency so that the consumers can have all the information to the granular level like they can know the number of towers in their area and so on. Also it allows them to compare their service provider with other service providers showcasing a crystal clear situation. This is also an opportunity for services provider to improve their services.

Features of the Portal

On entering the webpage of TRAI Analytics Portal, you can see 3 major performance parameters for conducting quality test: TRAI MySpeed Portal, TRAI Drive Test Portal and third being TRAI QoS Analysis Portal.


TRAI MySpeed Portal allows the user to check their data speeds. Also the user can have a look at the data speed of other service providers and compare. The users can download MySpeed App from the portal and test their data speeds. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users.


TRAI Drive Test Portal allows its users to access the results of the independent Drive Tests which TRAI has conducted across India. The results of this tests are available city-wise and users can have a look at their respective cities to access the test result.

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Thrid portal, TRAI QoS Analysis Portal is an important portal from the user perspective. It provides information related to Quality of Service parameters like average call drop rates, BTS density, network utilization trend and call drop rate trend for all the service providers for any specific location or area in the country.


The telecom service providers submit data to TRAI on audit basis and this data will be updated regularly on the website. All this data and analytics will give the customers the power to choose the right network and also promote healthy competition among the service providers.

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