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Urban Ladder optimizes its TV campaigns with Attribution Solution

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Urban Ladder is India’s leading online furniture company. Established in 2012, Urban Ladder has carved a niche for itself in the furniture and home décor market. An enhanced portfolio of products across various price points and a strong service backed by technology are the key pillars to grow its business. The company is currently present in 18 cities across India and is planning to expand to 30 cities by end of 2015.


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To fuel its ambitious growth plans, Urban Ladder has been investing a significant portion of its marketing budgets on TV ads. While these campaigns have generated brand visibility, Urban Ladder wanted to optimize spends to improve efficiencies in media spend. They were looking for a solution that would help them track the effectiveness of their TV campaigns in terms of reaching the right viewer segment and thereby optimize their ad spends.


The only way for Urban Ladder to validate the reach of their TV ad was through TRP (Television Rating Point) or GRP (Gross Rating Point). But TRP and GRP numbers are based on surveys and extrapolated data. Further, this metric does not give an insight into the segment of audience that has viewed the ad and its attribution to their website traffic could not be determined.

Vizury’s analytics solution measures the impact of a TV ad and can be directly attributed to the spike in website traffic using modeling techniques and algorithms. Connecting all the online touch point data with their offline marketing data we could determine specific trends in their website transactions during & after the campaign.

Looking at the immediate impact, our analytics solution could determine the spike in their website traffic, the period of impact for every ad slot across multiple channels.

Website visitors that came in from other campaigns such as emailers, display, social were isolated from this measurement.

Using behavioral data for these visitors, we are trying to create customer personas that are most responsive to their ads.


  1. Based on their campaign objectives and expected audience reach, Vizury recommends Urban Ladder which channels & time slots are working better to get maximum audience for the allocated budgets, as well as the frequency cap for cost optimization.
  1. Post campaign analytics help Urban Ladder determine their campaign performance at channel, day of the week and timeslot level. These insights are based on the campaign performance metrics that are tracked. This included their data from online and offline touch points.
  • Channel effectiveness (Hit ratio over weekend):

    Infotainment channels have the best performance during 4PM slot.
    English Movie channels have the best performance during 11pm slot or 6PM slot

  • Latency of weekend ads:

Latency of weekend Ads on Friday evening till Saturday is very evidently visible on Sunday from 10AM to 1PM. Latency of weekend ads also trickles down to Monday.


“As we increase our visibility on television, it is important to find the right tools to measure the effectiveness of the medium. Vizury’s new tool is useful to measure important data like traffic attribution to TV and plan optimal channel selection. We look forward to working with Vizury on this to help measure ROI on television effectively” – Nikhil Ramaprakash, VP Sales & Online Marketing

The article is contributed by Vizury.

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