Top 10 IoT startups in India – 2016

Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be the latest buzzword in the IT and analytics community. Typically, IoT goes beyond the machine-to-machine communications and covers a variety of devices and applications. Consequently, analytics is used for predictive decision-making using data generated from these M2M and IoT devices. Thus, making it imperative for IoT companies to have indepth knowledge of analytics to realize their full potential for developing futuristic products.

With various funding options available, the number of startups continues to be on the rise in India. In order to keep up with the blurring borders between analytics and IoT, it is important to support and watch out the early birds in the world of IoT startups. So, we present to you, the emerging IoT startups (listed in alphabetical order) to keep on your radar for 2016!


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Altiux innovations is a software and product engineering services company with a focus on IoT. Their software and services portfolio encompasses the entire IoT ecosystem including edge nodes, gateways, IoT platform and data analytics solutions and can be leveraged by Semiconductor companies, OEMs and system integrators to develop highly differentiated products for the connected world for accelerating design, development and deployment of cutting edge IoT solutions.

Their product engineering services portfolio includes consulting services, device engineering services, application engineering services and analytics services to help build highly differentiated IoT solutions.

Altizon Systems

Founded in April 2013, by Vinay Nathan, Yogesh Kulkarni and Ranjit Nair and funded by The Hive, Infuse Ventures and Persistent Venture FundAltizon is headquartered in Pune, India and has a presence in Palo Alto, CA.

Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform Company focused on making Enterprises Internet of Things (IoT) ready. Their flagship product, the Datonis IoT Platform, available both in a SaaS as well as in a Hosted model, helps in building IoT product in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a highly-scalable, real-time, big-data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services.

Datonis easily integrates with the existing IT systems to provide a seamless transition between your IoT devices and your IT infrastructure management tools.They work with enterprises from Manufacturing and Cleantech sector. Primarily, their customers use Datonis for Condition Monitoring, Predictive Analytics, Operations and for driving Consumer Insights.



Catering to the needs of today’s senior citizens who prefer to live independently, in an assisted living environment or retirement community,Cooey has targeted the lack of mechanism that captures their comprehensive medical history and hospital services.


Cooey has developed dynamic, holistic, personalized and easy-to-understand solutions that empower chronically ill patients to safely and securely manage their health information from a single spot – accessible anytime, anywhere.

Cooey’s end-to-end health-monitoring IoT platform allows the users to collect, store, analyze and share their medical summary with the doctor, while providing insights and personalized health tips to patients based on their medical profile. Further, it helps connect users with various healthcare service provides to get personalized services, viz., medicines, lab tests, or home care services, delivered to their doorstep.

Cooey has introduced three devices so far – Wireless Body Fat Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor were launched on Flipkart in November 2015. It’s Smart Glucometer is coming soon. The Company was founded in 2015 by Manu Madhusudanan and Prabhakaran T P.


 is amongst the pioneers in the Industrial IoT space in India. Since 2007, EcoAxis has analyzed over 7.5 Trillion1 data points and delivered valuable business insights to top manufacturing, hospitality and commercial facilities and has helped reduce cost, maximize efficiency and gain improved control over productivity leaks, unlocking potential and business value from captive data.

EcoAxis solutions includes, SuperAxisTM, a cloud-based analytics platform that provides integrated analytics on critical process and business information.

Additionally, their Smart Manufacturing Suite integrates machinery inputs and processes within plants and factories to improve operational efficiencies. Further, access across the value chain to reports, notifications and predictions help continuously optimize business results.

Also, their Smart Sustainability Suite generates intelligence from captive ecosystem to consistently improve quality and comfort for the end-user, thereby allowing resource optimization in a sustainable and responsible manner. Leverages the twin competencies of Resource monitoring (electrical energy, fuel, water, air and noise) and Resource usage analytics for facilities, plants such as WTP, STP, chillers, pollution monitoring.

Then they also have a Smart Technology Suite that enabling OEM products such as batteries, compressors, boilers and the like, to be “intelligent” in order to improve efficiency and maximize product-life while reducing total cost of ownership.


Entrib aims to bring new age IT to the manufacturing shop floor with their product ShopWorx.

ShopWorx is a real time big data monitoring & analytics solution, specifically targeted towards operations of a manufacturing shop floor and has been customized for two verticals – Plastics Manufacturers and Automotive Assembly line. Using real time data from devices, sensors, machines, big data based analytics, combined with the power of mobile apps, ShopWorx brings people, machines and processes in a unique manner solving specific problems seen in the Indian Manufacturing industry.

They have Saved $200,000+  for Smart Customers, Monitored 50 Million+ Products, Connected 700+ Smart Machines, Saved 100,000+ hours for Smart Customers, and more. Further, Entrib is also working on getting ShopWorx to predict machine downtime, maintenance, energy consumption and connecting the machines to the enterprises.


Span is an established software services company offering comprehensive IT services since 1994 with a global footprint through their offices in U.S., Singapore, India and Europe. Their clients include Fortune 1000 companies, software firms (ISVs) and tech start-ups. Interestingly, Span is owned by the largest Nordic IT services major, Evry.

Span’s Digital Transformation Stack (DTS) provides end-to-end solutions for organizations to accelerate their digital journey. DTS is currently used by many startups and organizations to speed up DevOps and gain real-time insights critical for their businesses. This stack comprises of Digital Experience, Digital Connect, Digital Analyzer, Digital Presence and Digital Operations. Smart Device Connect is a part of Digital Connect which offers an easy way to establish, monitor and manage integrations across devices and IoT platforms.

Maven System

Founded by Dhananjay Kulkarni and Sunil Desai, Maven Systems is a M2M / IoT product development company with expertise in wireless connectivity. Their solutions feature technologies like ZigBee, BLE, Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, and WiMAX.

Their indigenous solutions are used for smart metering, smart lighting, telematics, remote monitoring of mining and construction equipment, diesel generator sets, solar panels and so on.1 In fact, it is the first company in India to have a remote monitoring solution for underground mining equipment and a hybrid ZigBee to proprietary mesh protocol solution for automated meter reading.

With clients in 19 different countries, Maven monitors more than 21,000 smart meters, controls more than 10,000 street lights, and has over 1,000 devices for remote monitoring for GPS location, fuel, and various other parameters of heavy machines.


Nexiot – Accelerating Innovation, is a Bangalore based Internet of Things (IoT) & Electronics innovation focussed organization. Led by a group of experienced technocrats with expertise in electronics, sensors, wireless, robotics & information technology domains with global exposure, Nexiot is strongly positioned to provide superior solutions to customers across the globe.

They provide solutions for Smart Water, Energy, Resources Management, Automation & Beacon based applications. Moreover, they offer most comprehensive Certification Programs for IoT Startups – aspiring Entrepreneurs and IoT System Design enthusiasts. The programs are designed in collaboration with Industry leading solution providers and are offered both online & taught in-classroom. Their core objective is to build competency for designing & implementing end-to-end industry standard IoT solutions.

Nexiot is also launching a Global IoT Technology Center, which is a unique one-stop center to enable designers & engineers select the best technologies for implementing IoT solutions as well as a portal to support on Career for Job opportunities focussing on IoT.


SenseGiz makes consumer and enterprise products in the wearable tech & IoT space. Their primary focus is to design and build IoT solutions for security, defence and smart city applications. Typically, their products consist of smart hardware units with a cloud backend for processing and connectivity to smartphones for user interface and control.

SenseGiz’s mesh network based IoT platform is the easiest and most cost effective way to deploy a IoT solution anywhere in the world – be it for a home/office location or a large factory or city wide installation. It’s a platform where customers can connect lifestyle, energy, remote monitoring, security, public infrastructure, and healthcare applications with intelligent devices managed by mobile apps connected to the cloud.


Yuktix is an IoT startup based out of Bangalore creating environment monitoring solutions for emerging markets. They aim to create next generation monitoring solutions focused on making data mobile and data capture, visualization and analysis in a true plug and play proposition. Customers have different data capture needs and developing solutions from scratch every time adds to the cost.

Yuktix is developing need specific environment monitoring solutions. Their IoT platform consists of a sensor catalog, a device that acquires inputs from sensors and multiple network options to send data to the cloud from anywhere. It provides a ready to market catalog for weather, air quality, gases and water sensors and more through their multiple communication options such as GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi and 6LowPAN to cover all types of needs.

To create a domain specific solution, customers can pick required sensors from the catalog, plug it in the device and start receiving data on the cloud. Further, Yuktix cloud allows them to create and group multiple devices, set notifications for important events and store and visualize data. They provide API and connectors to make system integration easy.


This emerging startups list gives a window into the possibilities for disruption in the IoT and analytics space. Further, it also drops hints on what trends are likely to emerge this year, though we would be covering that towards the end of this year, so keep dropping by on analytics india magazine and keep yourself updated on the buzz in the analytics community!

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