10 Reasons Why You Must Attend The Rising 2019

Following the number of global campaigns to increase women participation in the area of science and technology, the presence of women in professional settings in India has grown significantly over the past few years. To celebrate this change, Analytics India Magazine brings to you The Rising 2019 which will take place this International Women’s Day. The Rising is the biggest meeting of women leaders and professionals in academia, spanning across the data science domain.

During the day-long conference, attendees will be able to gain important skills for the workplace, as well as attend thought-provoking discussions by experts from the emerging tech industry. The conference will take place on March 8 at Taj MG Road in Bengaluru and will provide an environment for open discussion, networking and catching up with the latest trends.

That being said, here are 10 of the biggest reasons to attend The Rising 2019.

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You can register for the event here.

1| Hear From Some Of The Most Influential Women In Data Science

The Rising has one of the biggest lineups of women speakers and professionals in the data science field. Moreover, senior women professionals from industry and academia will be at the conference, bringing about an atmosphere of inclusivity and free speech. Not only that, attendees will also gain a perspective how women in leadership positions are leading data science teams from the front.

With over 25+ speakers and 250+ attendees, the conference is set to be one of the most happening places to know about women in STEM fields. The wide breadth of speakers will expose attendees to some of the most forward-thinking and inclusive thoughts of today.

2| Grow Your Influence, Network & Gain Valuable Mentorship

The Rising is a place to meet industry experts, and data science professionals can learn how to hone their leadership skills. Through a series of informal workshops and sessions, attendees can meet working professionals from the field in order to better leverage their relationships in the future.

3| One-on-One Access To Leading Female Entrepreneurs

The Rising sets the tone for participants to exchange ideas on women in the STEM field. Along with industry experts and movers and shakers, the conference offers a space for forward-thinking ideologies. These interactions will undoubtedly factor into building a better world for women in the STEM fields, moving the world into a more women-friendly space.

Attendees can also learn from their experiences, as these are experts who have multiple years of expertise in an emerging space. They can utilise these skills to further push the envelope at the workplace.

4| Exposure To How Women Can Have A Wider Participation In The STEM Field

Attendees will gain knowledge from meeting industry experts, as interacting with such professionals will offer a look into the state of women in STEM field. Moreover, in order to increase the presence of women in this field, it is important to network with experts in the industry to learn from their experiences. This will allow for a more inclusive and diverse workplace in the future.

5| Extensive Brainstorming Sessions With Like-Minded People

While attendees will not only be exposed to the thoughts and ideas of the speakers, they will also be in the company of many who think the way that they do. Not only this, but the atmosphere at The Rising will undoubtedly spur conversation between like-minded people.

While this is not only an opportunity to network, it also functions as a forum for the exchange of ideas between women professionals in various fields. This will undoubtedly contribute to the air of progress that The Rising brings with it.

6| Exposure To Hiring Opportunity And Adding Skills To Your Resume

As The Rising is one of the biggest meetings of women leaders from across the domain of data science, it will undoubtedly provide attendees with the opportunity to be exposed to hiring. Not only this, but the thought-provoking talks given by the expert speakers will engage them. This will allow attendees to increase the quality of their soft skills, and thus add to their resume.  

7| A Chance To Create A More Inclusive Workplace

Those looking to make their workplace a more inclusive space by hiring women must attend The Rising, as it is one of the most dependable sources of women professionals in the field. While this will not only engage higher creativity by the workforce, it will also introduce the possibility of new ideas entering a stagnant setting.

The Rising will allow attendees to interact with a large number of women professionals in the field, thus allowing for lucrative hiring opportunities.

8| Engage In Discussion On Concerns Like Gender Diversity And Equal Pay

The Rising involves a series of informal talks between the attendees and the speakers, putting the spotlight on important issues such as gender diversity in the workplace. Attendees will have a chance to engage in focused discussions on concerns such as equal pay for equal work, coming back after maternity, and being the only woman in the boardroom.

9| Build Leadership Skills With Hands-On Workshops

Industry leaders will give attendees the opportunity to actively build leadership skills by conducting hands-on workshops. While the skills taught in these workshops will add a lot to the attendees’ soft skills, they also serve to empower women in the workplace. These workshops and sessions also create a space for learning experiences, creating a general sense of progress.

10| Explore Key Business Opportunities And Understand Latest Tech Trends

As the speakers of The Rising are some of the most influential women in the data science and STEM fields, attendees will have various opportunities to explore key business propositions. Moreover, the presence of ideas and open conversation at the conference will also enable attendees to be on the cutting-edge of the latest trends in technology today.

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