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10 reasons why you should attend Cypher 2017

10 reasons why you should attend Cypher 2017

CYPHER– the largest analytics summit in India was announced a few weeks ago, and it has already generated a lot of buzz around it given the tremendous success of the last two editions. This September, Analytics India Magazine brings to you the third edition of Analytics India Summit, scheduled for 21-23 September 2017, at Hotel Park Plaza Bangalore. While it has been fetching great reviews from the industry ever since its inception, we bring to you 10 things that makes Cypher different from any other summits that you may have ever attended.

If you are still indecisive of whether you should attend it or not, these 10 reasons can definitely get you going to make a presence in the largest data analytics gathering ever in India.  

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[dropcap size=”2″]1[/dropcap] Cypher is the most definitive representation of Analytics ecosystem in India –

With a presence of analytics professionals from across the country, Cypher offers a platform for analytics, big data, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and professionals from other related technologies, to connect with each other. There probably wouldn’t be any other analytics summit in India that hosts the huge number of delegates (600+) under one platform.  

Cypher brings representatives from all sectors– Analytics Service Providers (35%), Consumers (40%), Education Provider (13%) etc. That’s not all, it also provides an excellent platform for various designations in the industry to network. Last year saw CEO, CXOs, Founders (13%), Head of Business Units (17%), Managers, Sr. Managers (30%), Data Scientists (17%) from various industries under the analytics umbrella.

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[dropcap size=”2″]2[/dropcap] It generates content that is unparalleled both in terms of quality and quantity-  

With 3 parallel sessions, 70+ talks and 100+ speakers, from diverse backgrounds there might be no other summit in analytics in India generating so much of content. There’s keynote sessions, panel discussion, workshops and much more. With back to back sessions on the recent trends in the industry, experiences of analytics experts, analytics products and much more, the breadth and diversity of the content is unmatched to any other event.

Check the agenda of Cypher 2016

[dropcap size=”2″]3[/dropcap] Cypher combines fun with business-

Talk about back to back sessions, you might mistake it to be a monotonous event with just too much information. Well, while loads of information is a truth, the monotony is well broken by continuous engagement of the audience via interesting games and activities in between.

The participants have a  lot of opportunity to gain additional goodies, other than knowledge around analytics, by being a part of exclusive games, competitions and activities hosted by Cypher. Conferences could not have been so much fun before.

[dropcap size=”2″]4[/dropcap]It connects industry and academia-

It brings people across industry and academia together, providing a learning platform for all. In other larger summits hosted across the globe, while the industry gains the central focus, academia is often left out.

But given the importance of academia in the analytics industry, Cypher offers a great platform that brings experts from both industry and academia– all alike. As analytics education is at a state of constant evolution in India, it is the perfect medium to boost academia. It gives an opportunity to understand how businesses are evolving and how academia is supporting it and vice versa.

[dropcap size=”2″]5[/dropcap] It recognizes the best in the industry-

The Data Science Excellence awards at Cypher is one of its kind awards in the analytics industry that recognizes the best in the analytics and data science world. Emerging analytics services startup, analytics product startup, best boutique analytics firm, best data science project, most admired data science product were some of the categories last year that got recognition at Cypher.

It not only appreciates the best in analytics and data science world but is also full of fun. It seconds none in terms of energy and enthusiasm around it.

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[dropcap size=”2″]6[/dropcap] Cypher knows the importance of networking-

Cypher offers a good balance between speaker slots and breakout sessions, thus providing ample opportunities to participants, over three days, to connect with peers from various segments in the Indian analytics industry.

After a long day of varied knowledge consumption, networking dinner at the end of the day provides an excellent opportunity to delegates for thorough discussions and building business. The Gala dinner is a highlight of the networking opportunity at Cypher.

The Cypher App, which is available for download for both Android and Apple phones is another key ingredient to facilitate networking between speakers, companies and other attendees.

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[dropcap size=”2″]7[/dropcap] Hackathon are a key differentiators-

Hackathons of the hackfest was a well received event at Cypher last year, which saw a large number of participation. It gives a perfect opportunity to participants to get involved with software development pertaining to analytics and related fields, thus boosting a competitive streak. The event extended over a day, sets Cypher apart from other summits that usually are bereft of Hackathons.   

[dropcap size=”2″]8[/dropcap] Cypher presents information in style-

As Hindol Basu, head of analytics at Tata Quants said- it’s almost like a Christmas for analytics. Cypher is all about Information in style. It lets your understanding clear in analytics and lets you explore newer developments in the industry all in conjunction with fun-filled activities. There’s lots of information around the industry, but all presented in style.

Cypher is not just the regular conference but brings various flavours of the industry on its table.

[dropcap size=”2″]9[/dropcap] It has to offer something for everyone-

It provides an ecosystem where startups can learn from experts and vice versa. Even our last year’s attendees agree to it that the number of people and the kind of people at Cypher are different from the rest of the forums that they have ever attended. It offers the right idea of opportunities for everyone attending the event.

Cypher has been witnessing a repeat attendance of the participants ever since its inception and apart from the workshops, panel discussion and other talks by dignitaries, it also hosts exhibitions from various companies. It is is this 360 degree coverage of the industry, that makes Cypher an unique experience for everyone attending the event.

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[dropcap size=”2″]10[/dropcap] A very professional conference with world class experience-

Cypher is definitely one of the best organized conferences, which is on time and delivers what it has promised. Apart from learning the recent happenings in analytics, data science and the related domain, attendees are sure to take a world class experience with them.

This large format summit after all has everything–  knowledge sharing, networking with the peers, gala dinners with fun filled activities, games, competitions, hackathons, exhibitions and much more.

All we can say is, unless you attend it, you wouldn’t realize what you are missing on!

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