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24[7] Rechristened To [24] to Reflect Leadership In Artificial Intelligence Space

24[7] Rechristened To [24] to Reflect Leadership In Artificial Intelligence Space

To better reflect its leadership in leveraging artificial intelligence to dramatically improve customer experience, [24]7, has changed its name to [24] It empowers companies to better understand, anticipate and act on consumer intent, leading to better experiences, greater brand loyalty and increased revenue opportunities.

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As the business all across are generating tremendous amounts of customer data, it has become a challenge to analyse it and put it to use, [24] is using artificial intelligence to process large amounts of consumer data in order to determine consumer intent. It can then be applied to every aspect of customer experience, from acquisition to engagement.

[24]7 AIVA, the company’s industry-leading AI-powered virtual agent, works across both voice and digital channels to provides consumers with any help they require. It works with equal efficiencies whether a customer is calling on phone or interacting digitally. AVIVA is increasingly becoming effective with each customer that it interacts, and it is taking IVR to the next level with AI-powered technology that understands what customers mean—not just what they say.

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“Our new company name reflects the deep investment we’ve made in artificial intelligence over the last decade,” said PV Kannan, chief executive officer of [24]

“AI is a game-changer when it comes to customer experience, because only AI can make sense of the tremendous amount of big data that companies possess. We are helping our clients turn big data into actionable intent, boosting customer satisfaction and delivering a superior customer experience”, he said.

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