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5 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply

5 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply

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Analytics India Jobs offers a new platform for the data science community in India by bringing to the fore latest job openings across the country. Here are few Data Science job openings across the top 4 cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune to apply right away:

Data Scientist @ Saama Technologies, Pune

Saama is the advanced clinical data analytics company unleashing insights from data for over 20 years.


  • 2 To 5 years of experience in Machine learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Science
  • Statistical knowledge about Hypothesis Testing, probability distributions, sampling theory, T-test, Z-test, ANOVA, etc.
  • Proficient in R, Python
  • Hands-on working knowledge of algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression, rpart, ctree, C5.0, random forests, xgboost, adaboost etc. in R / Python.
  • Implementing models based on Text Mining, NLP, Time Series
  • Working knowledge of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models
  • Understanding of association rule mining, market basket analysis, clustering, principal component analysis
  • Hands-on working experience libraries like pandas, numpy, scikit-learn in python
  • Exposure to Deep Learning libraries like keras, tensorflow.
  • Exposure to algorithms like CNN, RNN, LSTM.

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Data Scientist @ Brontominds, Bangalore

Brontominds aims to be a world class leader in AI/Analytics/Automation as a business partner and as an employer. As a data scientist, the candidate will design and develop systems to analyze unstructured “big data” sources to generate actionable insights and solutions for client’s product enhancement.


  • 1-3 years of experience in Data Science
  • Big Data – Hadoop, Spark, R
  • Experience in developing REST APIs and Batch Scripts
  • Statistics modeling and algorithms
  • Machine Learning Experience – including deep learning and neural networks, exposure of various platforms
  • Expertise in features engineering, building, and optimizing classifiers using ML techniques
  • Data Visualization and analysis tools including R and Python.

Apply here

Data Scientist @ Shortlist, Mumbai & Hyderabad

Shortlist works in India and East Africa to help growing enterprises hire based on skills and potential, rather than pedigree. Products such as customised chatbots would require decent understanding of machine learning algorithms and programming.


  • Work closely with the CTO and leadership to solve statistical and business problems
  • Develop & code production-grade novel algorithms for our business-experimentation platform.
  • Manage, Develop, maintain and market the business experimentation suite at Fractal
  • Conduct research and prototyping innovations, data and requirements gathering, solution scoping and architecture
  • Collaborate effectively with internal stakeholders and cross-functional teams to solve problems, create operational efficiencies, etc.
  • Consult clients and client facing teams on advanced statistical and machine learning problems, especially in the areas of marketing and designing experiments
  • Test various machine learning and analytical tools, especially in the big data space, to scale prototypes to production-grade systems
  • Provide solutions but not limited to: Customer Segmentation & Targeting, Propensity Modeling, Churn Modeling, Lifetime Value Estimation, Forecasting, Recommender Systems, Modeling Response to Incentives, Marketing Mix Optimization, Price Optimization.

Apply here

Data Scientist @ vPhrase Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

vPhrase Analytics is a technology company based out of Mumbai, India whose key offerings include PHRAZOR platform. PHRAZOR gathers data, structures the facts and in the end applies language to present the reader with humanized, targeted narratives.

As a data scientist at vPhrase, you would be responsible for developing, testing and maintaining our data models in productions. These models would power analytical and decision modules of our product’s AI engine.


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  • Ph.D./Masters/Bachelors in Statistics, Computer Science, Economics or a related field with at least 1 years of experience.
  • Deep understanding of machine learning models, data analysis and deep learning methods.
  • Background in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics is preferred.
  • Ability to handle large and complex unstructured datasets.
  • Ability to perform independent research across varied domains of analytics.

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Data Scientist @ Prescience Decision Solutions, Bangalore

Prescience is a fast growing, focused Advanced Analytics company that helps enterprises become more PRESCIENT (predictive) by gaining meaningful business insights and develop optimized solutions through careful analysis of data.

This is a unique opportunity to join a new, multidisciplinary team of creative and passionate individuals destined to change the face of analytics and work on high-impact projects utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, BigData NoSQL and SQL based analytics and the latest in Search.


  • Machine Learning (ML) algorithms such as Regression, Decision Tree, Logistic Regression, K-Mean and Markov Decision Processes
  • Application of Neural Networks, in for example Deep Learning for text, image classification
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Search and the use of Search for pre-processing and integration of NLP and Machine Learning
  • Expertise in Python or R
  • Experience with NoSQL and SQL

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