6 Venture Capital Firms That Are Betting Big On Cybersecurity In India



Amid all the rising cyber-attacks and threats, cybersecurity industry in India is witnessing a major growth. And it is not only in terms of existing companies but also in terms of new companies. But, starting a company is not an easy task, especially in domains like cybersecurity. So, from where do these startups get their muscle power? The answer to that is VCs a.k.a. Venture Capital firms. These firms are also considered to be a prime part of a company when it comes to capital or financial support.


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In the last five years, the ecosystem has attracted a significant number of VCs. In this article, we list sixventure capital firms that are investing in Indian cybersecurity companies.

(The list is in alphabetical order)

Endiya Partners

Founded in 2015 and based in Hyderabad, Endiya Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm.  The VC focuses on partnering with Indian start-ups in building global products, as well as global start-up accessing the Indian market. In the cybersecurity domain, the firm has backed Bengaluru-based ShieldSquare that helps online businesses to differentiate human and non-human(bot). Simply put, the company offers protection to internet properties against bot attacks and web scraping. ShieldSquare has been acquired by Israel-based cybersecurity solutions provider Radware

Helix Investments

Founded in 2007, Helix Investments is an India-focused private equity fund. The firm’s prime motive is to work with dynamic entrepreneurs and management teams and provide them with capital and strategic advice to support their future growth. Furthermore, the firm invests in both private and public equity, though its emphasis is on private equity, and also, its capital has no expiration date.

Talking about its investment of the cybersecurity domain, according to a report, last year the firm has provided ₹33 Crore funding to Network Intelligence, a cybersecurity services company.

IndiaNivesh Venture Capital Fund

IndiaNivesh is a full-fledged financial services firm with over 11 years of existence. The firm provides customised and innovative financial solutions while managing internal and external risks and challenges. When it comes to cybersecurity, IndiaNivesh has also made significant investments. According to a report, Big Data Analytics and Cyber Security company Innefu Labs raised $2 million in Series A funding from IndiaNivesh Venture Capital Fund. The firm has invested the amount in exchange for a minority stake in the company.

IvyCap Ventures

Founded in 2011 by Vikram Gupta, IvyCap leverages Global Alumni Ecosystems to foster Entrepreneurship in India and maximise returns for its investors. The firm has organised a unique, structured Mentor Model to support the creation of distinct value in its portfolio companies. Furthermore, IvyCap is also focusing on building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem across educational institutions of the country.

In the cybersecurity domain in India, IvyCap Ventures have invested Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd, a company that offers risk management, data protection and identity & access management solutions to enterprises.

JC2 Ventures

JC2 Ventures led by John Chambers who is also the CEO invests in companies that are leading in market transitions. Prior to JC2, Chambers spent more than 25 years with Cisco, serving as CEO, Chairman and Executive Chairman. At present, he holds the title of Chairman Emeritus with the organisation. 

Talking about his funding in the cybersecurity ecosystem in India, according to a report, JC2 has funded Delhi-based Lucideus Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a company that provides digital security services for companies, $5 million (Rs 36 crore).

Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund (RVCF)

Established in 2002, Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund (RVCF) is a VC fund based out of Jaipur. RVCF’s Rajasthan Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd (RAMC) is a professionally managed company and has three SEBI registered domestic venture capital funds under its management.

One of its investments in the cybersecurity sector is on Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd. In the same round, IDG Ventures India and IvyCap Ventures also participated. 

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