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7 Things To Look Forward To At MachineCon 2019

7 Things To Look Forward To At MachineCon 2019

MachineCon 2019, to be held on the 24th and 31st of May, is eagerly awaited by the crème de la crème of the industry leaders for its great networking opportunities and enlightening sessions. The conference is set to see about 400 attendees and they will have valuable knowledge-sharing talks over a period of two days.

This is the second edition of the conference and will give the industry leaders a huge platform to share their knowledge. This year Analytics India Magazine ensures that the conference brings you an even better experience as this is also the first time that the conference is going international — to Singapore.

Here are seven things that we are looking forward to at MachineCon this year:

1| Exchanging valuable insights and discuss challenges in the field:

The conference will have powerful data science leaders discussing the challenges and opportunities around AI and data science. The conference will host CIOs, CTOs, VPs and Head of Data Science teams who will get a platform to discuss ideas and innovations in the field. It will give a platform to discuss groundbreaking innovations and challenges that companies face in analytics adoption.

2| Provide a platform for exploring business opportunities:

With a theme of ‘Put analytics to work’, the conference will give attendees a platform to bond over and discuss business opportunities in the field of analytics and data science. The very agenda of the machine conference is to boost analytics adoption and being a powerful gathering of data science and analytics leaders, it will be a perfect stage to know new businesses and explore newer opportunities.

3| Awards to recognise and boost data science leaders:

At the MachineCon, we aim to felicitate 100 visionaries in the analytics field, which is double the number of awards that we gave out last year. The conference will acknowledge 50 data science leaders in India and 50 in Singapore, who have done exceptional work in the area and taken the analytics functionality of their organisation to newer heights.

4| A chance to form a data science community outside India:

For the first time, MachineCon this year is going to be held in Singapore. This will allow data science experts across Asia have a chance to meet, share knowledge, and expand the analytics community, which was earlier only restricted to India. With an international venue, we are aiming to reach out to analytics thought leaders who can share their insights and talk about their digital transformation journey across Asia. It will bring over 400 attendees on a single platform

5| Interactive case studies to help with understanding industry problems:

MachineCon is an opportunity for the technology heads across Asia to hear and learn about what is trending in artificial intelligence with the help of case studies. The talks will have a high focus on the industry use cases, making it easy to learn and understand the problems and working ecosystem. They will showcase some real-life industry use cases and help with practices that can be applied in an AI ecosystem.

6| Bring data science providers and consumers on a single platform from across two countries:

The event will connect technology solution providers, enablers and potential adopters of AI and machine learning solutions. It is one of the largest gatherings for the analytics community and is equipped with a lot of learning, in terms of career and business prospects. It will provide an opportunity for data science leaders to discuss digital transformation strategies across emerging technologies.

7| Exclusive conference for senior analytics executives providing networking opportunity like never before

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Along with a well-managed schedule of talks and discussions, the conference will provide a platform for industry leaders to connect and network in a closed environment. It will see the who's who of the analytics industry providing an exclusive opportunity for these leaders giving them a platform to discuss how to transform data into a competitive advantage.

Join us in Mumbai and Singapore for an insightful and informative two-day event and network with some of the biggest names from Asian analytics industry.

Note: This is an invite-only event


24 May 2019 at Novotel Juhu, Mumbai

31 May 2019 at Novotel Clarke Quay, Singapore


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