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A Day In The Life Of: A Data Scientist Who Loves Analytics & Fantasy Fiction Equally

A Day In The Life Of: A Data Scientist Who Loves Analytics & Fantasy Fiction Equally

In our weekly column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we are trying to step into the shoes of awesome techies from various organisations and sectors who are working in emerging tech areas like big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things, among others.

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This week Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Vijendra Pratap Singh, a Data Scientist who works at Hashtag Loyalty, to talk about his enthusiasm for accurate data analysis to understand consumer behaviour, his obsession with hill stations and his love for fantasy fiction.

Singh begins his day at around 7 am and reaches his office after a long 2.5-hour struggle with traffic. He says that this traffic situation is the only way that his work affects his personal life in any way. He adds that one of the good things about Hashtag Loyalty is that they have flexible work hours.

Even with the 9-hour work schedule and long traffic jams, Singh says he finds time for one of his guilty pleasures — reading fantasy fiction. From Harry Potter to The Lord Of The Rings, Singh finds solace and inspiration in these exciting characters.

“During my vacations, I like travelling to hill stations. It is one of my life’s greatest pleasures,” says Singh happily.

Singh is of the opinion that having an active and engaging social life is important for his work as well. “I consider my lifestyle as active. I usually hang out with my friends and meet new people. It keeps me updated and fresh,” he says.

“My company helps offline businesses capture consumer and transaction data via loyalty as well as feedback. Once the data is entered into our platform, we provide businesses with a tool that enables them to interact with the customer and helps them connect more with the product or service,” says Singh said.

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Talking about his work, he says, “As a data scientist, I am involved in both researching as well as coding for my firm. The company works with businesses for building customer loyalty, improving retention and increasing revenue. The clients provide with raw data about their customers’ transactions and I then analyse this data. I have to make sure that the right recommendations are given to the client, in hopes that this helps the client increase sales. Interestingly, Singh was a part of the Maker Program at BridgeLabz through which he secured his current job.

Right now, Singh is working on creating APIs. “I am continuously analysing and researching the data so that the web team can work on applications. In the past, I have worked on forecasting, transactional and recommendations system. Currently, I am working on email subject line optimisation,” he says.

Singh says that one of the things that gives him great joy and inspiration is researching and digging into the technology that he is working on “I try to help and integrate artificial intelligence in a way that will benefit my company, too,” he adds. 

His goals right now are to hone his skills in data science so that he showcases the company again that he is a valued asset to be reckoned with. “I plan to do my best right now at the company as it will help me grow and understand technology even better,” he says, signing off.

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