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Amazon Go makes retail checkout a thing of the past

Amazon Go makes retail checkout a thing of the past

Amazon Go
Amazon Go
Say goodbye to lines, registers and queues at Amazon Go

It’s spelling a new era in the world of retail shopping – mind you we are not talking about online shopping. This is Amazon Go, a high-tech retail store concept –   that enables the customers to swipe their smartphones and pick up whatever they want, dunk it in the grocery bag and check out without waiting in long queues. Even though the technology behind it is not sufficiently clear, experts have gleaned that Amazon Go uses a convergence of technology – computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms that helps in learning what the customer has touched, bought or put back on the shelf.

Amazon Go’s introductory video released by the Seattle-based legacy company didn’t shed much light on the technology behind the concept but talked about their latest disruption in retail, which if it truly becomes a success could phase out tens of thousands of service jobs.

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Currently, there is one Amazon Go store operational in Seattle which is in beta mode and open only to Amazon employees. According to reports, it would be officially open to the public early next year.

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How does Amazon Go work?

  • Amazon Go app is a must have if you want to shop in their store. Customers will have to scan their phones with the app.
  • Reports reveal there are a lot of cameras and sensors involved. From what we glean is, Just Walkout technology senses whatever you pick, touch, put back on the shelf, tracks it and adds it to the cart automatically.
  • Once you finish shopping, the bill is debited from Amazon account.

Currently, Amazon’s employees are testing out the 1,800-square feet store in Seattle that stocks grocery staples and also has ready to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Amazon has already invested in warehouses that handles same day deliveries. The store would be open for public in early 2017, as per sources in Amazon.

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