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Analytics India Companies Study 2012

Analytics India Companies Study 2012

With the emergence of Analytics in its full force, the analytics providers in India are on a rise. By our estimate, there are upwards of 500 analytics (or services that heavily depend on analytics) in India currently. And the number is increasing at a significant pace.

In this study, we have tried to capture where exactly the action lies. We studied these new age service providers and identified some key patterns which is the focus of this report.

Please note that this study has not included captive analytics units, i.e. analytics teams setup by organizations for internal purposes.  The numbers and graphs are indicative in nature and the company’s logos are just a small sample of a much bigger population.

Most of these companies have been IT service providers who have adopted analytics as one of their offerings. These include big IT vendors like Infosys, wipro and TCS. Yet, we have seen a significant rise in boutique analytics firms offering pure play analytics services.

  • 30% of all analytics providers are based out of Bangalore, followed by Mumbai (16%) and Delhi (14%).
  • 50% of all analytics providers falls into the industry of IT/ ITES providers, followed by Consulting, Market Research and Media/ Advertising (~10% each).
  • 71% analytics providers have less than 50 employee strength, of which 27% has less than 10 employees.
  • Average employee strength of analytics providers in India is 76 employees.
  • Mumbai has the highest average employee strength of 106 employees among analytics providers.

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  • Good info to have. One point to make …..
    Here we can see >50% of the analytic companies are IT/ITES based. There are chances that these are big IT companies and have locations across India. But its not necessary that analytic specific work are executed out of all the locations!

  • Myself is a digital marketing analyst. Analytics is knowledge driven industry. People who has passion can withstand in this industry. Moreover than numbers, understanding business is very essential.

  • Nice little review, it is interesting to note the employee count distribution and I wonder if this reflects the nature of the service. From my own experience in the corporate world and now as an independent consultant, analytics is done my small teams comprising of usually 2 or 3 team members. The exception being big data analysis where a larger number of resources are required.

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