Analytics India Industry Study – 2012

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  1. Santosh Kumar Reddy says:

    Hi friends, Please refer me in any anlytical companies. i have tired to find a job even i am good at analytics. I am Familiar with SAS, Excel, R-Programme. This is my mail ID-santoshmk617@gmail.com. i would be appreciated if you consider this- Thank you.

    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Hi Santosh,

      Keep checking the site. We post company profiles of various boutique and niche analytics firms on the webzine, which should provide you lot of information.

  2. Vidya says:

    Hi .

    Good article which gives us the stats for usage of analytics for in-house as well as an outsourcing service in India . Would like to know the percentage figures of the various domains in which analytics is applied in India . Does Finance top the list ?


    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Hi Vidya.
      Thanks. Yes, I would be publishing a separate article soon on this, specifically outlining which area in analytics is seeing the highest hiring. And yes, finance still tops the chart.


      1. Umesh says:

        Hi Umesh,

        Hope this mail finds you in the best of the spirits.

        I would like to introduce our company; MeshLabs is a pure-play developer of text analytics software. Our core product is a hybrid text analytics engine, that combines linguistic (NLP), statistic, and semantic approaches to process large volumes of unstructured and structured content. Built to enterprise performance standards, the engine offers flexible integration capabilities including content connectors and APIs. We are a team of information retrieval professionals who are passionate about solving complex unstructured data processing problems for a variety of industries. Our product is deployed at large enterprises globally.

        We specialize in developing products using emerging content processing technologies to solve complex customer experience management problems. I can discuss with you specific ideas, best practices, and case studies. We work with some of the top notch Market & Financial research organizations in India and the US.

        I would like to explore the possibilities for having an article published about MeshLabs on Analytics India Magazine.


        Best regards,
        Umesh I +91 89718 20925 I http://www.meshlabsinc.com I

        “Connecting the dots, lucratively” – article featuring MeshLabs in The Hindu http://tinyurl.com/7yzsrgd

        MeshLabs was featured in Yourstory.in “MeshLabs helps transforming content into actionable business” http://tinyurl.com/7m9mgjf

  3. Hi Bhaskar

    Brilliant Article !

    Could you possibly throw some more color in terms of numbers as well, what would be the market share in terms of dollars e.t.c.

  4. Bhasker,

    Indeed a fantastic article about the potential of Analytics in India and good statistics on city wise Analytics professionals and companies.

    Please keep writing.

    Narasimhalu Senthil

  5. xyz says:

    If you see the exact number of employees, I am pretty sure Mu Sigma is highest (1500+), no other org. in India is higher than this

  6. Aravind says:

    Hi, The article is very good and gives the scope and futire of analytics. let me know some good job openings suitable for my profile in analytics. http://in.linkedin.com/pub/aravind-bc/31/17/9b5

    Aravind BC

  7. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

    Manas, Mu Sigma is a chicago based analytics comp. and Marketics is now part of wns. In terms of employee strength in analytics space, Mu Sigma and wns are not among the top 10 employers in India.

    1. Rahul says:

      Hi Bhaskar,

      I am trying for a domain shift to analytics. I have about 6 years of industrial(mechanical area) experience before and a mba degree (part-time). Please guide the way to an analytical careeer at this stage. Thanks.

  8. Manas says:

    Bhaskar, you seem to have deliberately missed on companies like Mu Sigma and Marketics…