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Artificial Intelligence Is Now Helping Get Rid Of Bad Hair Days

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Helping Get Rid Of Bad Hair Days

Amal Nair

At a first glance, it seems hair care cannot be ascribed to the world of AI.  Nonetheless, AI has wended its way in businesses across the spectrum — including beauty and grooming. The companies who have successfully employed AI to make the best hair care solutions available to their customers.

With the help of machines and complex algorithms, companies are now able to make the best product for its customers which otherwise would have taken years of research. A huge amount of data is dealt with in understanding the ingredients of a hair solution and its effect on different types of hair. An AI system, when trained on how to use each ingredient in a hair solution for a specific type of hair is further exposed to different environmental factors can predict the right ingredient and the right amount that needs to go into the product for a specific user.

In this article, we list down how companies are using an AI-based solution to create an ideal hair product for their customers and fix bad hair days.


Prose, a Brooklyn-based startup co-founded by a former L’Oréal VP, has combined AI and hair care with great success. The startup uses AI to produce customised hair solutions for its customers. With “Great hair starts with great tech” as a motto, Prose connects the customers to experts via an intelligent platform, who then help create ideal solutions. The startup considers aspects such as hair problems, lifestyle, environment and even the needs and goals of the customers. They also take into consideration each customer’s personal preferences like the fragrance of the product, the quantity of silicon and gluten in the product, vegetarian product or not. Based on these numerous and specific parameters, Prose feeds the data into an intelligent system and formulates a personalised hair product like a shampoo, conditioner or a pre-shampoo mask. Reportedly, Prose has shipped 110,000 bottles so far and is expected to reach $1 million in monthly sales by January 2019.

Function Of Beauty

Another company that uses AI technology to provide customised hair solutions to its customers is the four-year-old start-up Function Of Beauty. This company has been around for a while now and uses its own set of algorithms to understand its customers. Founded by MIT alumni, the company is focused on using technology to provide the best solutions to its customers. The company uses machine learning model to analyse hair type, hair structure, hair goals and other preferences of the customers to come up with best ingredient combinations that would result in a customized hair solution.


While startups are using technology to make the life of people easier, more established companies are also following the same idea. German cosmetics giant Schwarzkopf, a division of Henkel AG & Co has also entered the market with products to please their customers. Reportedly, the company is also conducting trials on custom products in Japan. The system includes a device with infrared sensors that can detect the hair’s molecular structure and analyse the moisture content and an in-salon machine that formulates and produces the product in just 50 seconds. The product also gets a barcode that helps the customer to reorder the exact same product again.


The impact of technology in a business and on the life of people can be at different levels. It may not always be successful but it can always increase the chances of being successful. Data holds the power to change business and make the lives of people better. Using the right data in the right amount is the best ingredient in making the best solution. Artificial intelligence can exploit data on a large scale. AI has been helping to extract meaningful insights from huge amounts of data which later serves as key ingredients in decision making.

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