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Atul Jalan

Atul Jalan

  • CEO at Algonomy
Atul Jalan, CEO at Algonomy

Atul Jalan is the Managing Director & CEO of Algonomy (Previously Manthan) and, permanently, an entrepreneur. Algonomy creates pioneering AI solutions for the world’s leading retailers and consumer-connect businesses. 

Atul is a sought-after voice to understand how technology is transforming man and the institutions he has created, changing how we do things and reshaping us as humans. And this is the perspective on technology that he usually speaks and writes about – not as an application of science but as a way of life. Atul believes that he belongs to a very lucky generation that grew up on Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke and is now fortunate enough to see their imagination come alive.

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As an entrepreneur, futurist, and thought leader, Atul is always on the lookout for the story that will develop next. His latest book, Where Will Man Take Us? is a bestseller on Amazon and on the shelves. It deals with the intersections of biology and technology and the probable outcomes. 

He is an incurable traveller and persistent amateur poet and can always be counted on to recite a few verses when camaraderie sets in. Richard Feynman, Vivian Richards, Johannes Vermeer, Johannes Gutenberg, astronomy, quantum physics, the movies, Atul can be equally loquacious about each or any of these.  

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