How Big Data helps a copywriter write wordy masterpieces

It seems that God finally decided that it was time to join ranks of us puny humans with the only language that they understand, the language of data. And that is why Big Data surrounds us everywhere. Put in other words, it is data that surrounds us everywhere in this vast planet which has turned this simple data into BIG Data!

There are several uses of Big Data for different industries and many technical experts have been more than just vocal, about how useful Big Data is. But does Big Data help an average copywriter, write wordy masterpieces?

The idea might seem to be a bizarre one; data is so dry and boring so, how can poetic pearls joined by strings of alphabets get any form of help from Big Data?!

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To answer this, we might need to dig deeper into some personal nuances of my life as a simple content developer. My day clocks in at around 7-ish every morning and as it turns out that I begin leaving a digital trace of things I do from that very instant. I, like many other modern gadget freaks am a user of a smart wearable, which provides me at the moment I wake up, with the data of my sleep. From gauging the data of deep sleep hours I got the previous night, I contemplate how groggy or snippy I may be at work that day.

Depending upon this insight from data paired with my actually feeling of either grogginess or burst of energy I take on the treasure hunt of finding the most interesting news, articles, developments, inspirational stories, and an occasional love story read from Quora. These are my daily inventory collection for the day to prepare for the upcoming working hours.

Needless to state that all these important tasks, which help me, earn a living are dependent on the data footprints left behind by other people from different occupations that I’d have never known if not for the worldwide network.

My smart wearable that generates new data every second I take a step also helps me keep a track on my fitness goal. Since, the time I joined the regular workforce punching in my presence at an office day-in, day-out seating myself on office furniture for long hours, without any help of data had me notice a change in the configuration of my stomach! Still having the same dietary habits and exercise regimen my stomach decided it was time to protest for my apparent laziness with a sizeable bulge. So, I decided it was time for me to make some and exercise. My smart-wearable helps me track how well I am doing on my goal (it disappoints me every day).

When at work, I poke around the data-world several times, discussing with my team about which written posts and social media contents have previously been a hit for our clients and which have not. Basic data analysis tools like MS Excel and Google Analytics helps us keep tabs on that. So, the next time I come up with a funny joke on KRK I dial back to the event where one particular joke went viral for us and think on similar lines.

The use of plagiarism checkers also helps us are the freely available plagiarism checker tools are nothing but a broader data analysis tools. Even if my content is authentic, there are certain phrases that are a common and come into the radar of plagiarism checkers. Thereby, triggering my paraphrasing wizardry! It is impossible to put up each and every piece of information as a completely unique one, but it helps to get a gentle nudge of a software telling me which line written by me might not be completely inspired by my verbose thoughts!

As a team of Digital Marketers, high points in the Google Analytics graph are all we need to transform an otherwise hectic workday into a glorious success. We start with creativity on our minds and take note of every trend that charts a stir within the social media communities. That is how we use data everyday to bring in more data for our clients while leaving data traces of our own as digital legacy on the internet.

At the end of each day I send several emails to associates and after tireless typing for the whole day, it is understandable that my fingers are repulsed with the keyboard and mistype even the simplest of words. However, dare I send such typo-replete emails to my supervisors? Thankfully, another data-driven tool helps me correct such mistakes in my writing – Grammarly. This is a simple tool that works by matching patterns. The efficiency of any grammar checker software depends upon the accuracy and number of patterns it can match accurately. This is achieved by listing the most common grammar mistakes with programmable rules and complex algorithms. Out of many readily available grammar checkers, this tool, as per my opinion, does best at identifying contextual mistakes and offers the best grammar corrections.

IM-ing apps like Whatsapp and FaceBook populate my phone as well, and here helping me keep up my laziness to avoid typing words by tapping on squidgy images onscreen, an app does the heavy lifting for me. Using simple swiping gestures, I can type long-worded messages and even create full sentences without the tiresome lift of fingertips using this nifty feature.

Now I am no technological expert, but I should like to believe that the simple gestures now typing in complete words and sentences are somehow backed by data as well. That is how my simple hand gestures help me to impress my crush with inspirational words that can very well compete with Tumblr quotes, while I am still busy riding the myth of multi-tasking at work during the common official rush hour!

Speaking of crushes and dating, I did try my hands on some popular dating apps and websites on the internet. These dating apps were very kind to inform me that a sharp-looking fellow blogger who also had biology for his undergrad majors based in Bangalore, and describes himself as a sapiosexual is my “perfect match”!

The success of my romantic life is best kept unanalysed. However, speaking of data and how it helps an average writer like me; write regular musings on everything going on around the world, everything good, bad and in between… if it were not for data I probably wouldn’t be scripting the data of my thoughts and opinions at all.

Pritha Biswas
Pritha Biswas is a copywriter for an IT company by the day and a dreamer by the night. She believes that life is not just about jumping into the hoop of every opportunity that comes or even standing and waiting perfecting wallflower existence. She wants to paint art in every small nuances of life to make it a true art of living.

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