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CBSE Introduces ‘Applied Mathematics’ In Senior Secondary Curriculum

CBSE Introduces ‘Applied Mathematics’ In Senior Secondary Curriculum

CBSE Introduces ‘Applied Mathematics’ In Senior Secondary Curriculum

The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently introduced applied mathematics as a new elective in the academy from the current year — 2020-2021 for 11th class.

The CBSE official release said, “The applied Mathematics course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Mathematics that are required to be successful in different fields of their future career. Therefore, this course may be selected by students keeping this aspect in mind.”

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According to that release, the approach of applied mathematics as a subject will be practical, and the students are expected to learn through practical applications of mathematics in different disciplines. It said, “Those students who have passed basic mathematics in class 10th are now allowed to take this new academic elective applied mathematics at the senior secondary level.”

The schools that are affiliated by CBSE and have permission for running mathematics courses in their school at senior secondary level would be automatically eligible to run this applied maths course with the availability of necessary infrastructure and human resources, i.e. staff and teachers.

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The release stated, “It may be noted that those students who have earlier offered applied mathematics as a skill elective will offer applied mathematics as an academic elective in the current year 2020-21 for class 12th. They have to follow the syllabus of applied mathematics offered as an academic subject. Applied mathematics course will not be available from the current academic session — class 12th — 2020-21 as a skill subject.”

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