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Centre Plans To Take AI Into Schools Through CodeIndia

Centre Plans To Take AI Into Schools Through CodeIndia


As artificial intelligence is taking centre stage, the government of India is trying to empower school children with application-based two-week training modules named CodeIndia. The idea behind this program is to teach mid and intermediate level students across the country and make them market-ready.

Through CodeIndia, students will acquire enough knowledge to develop a necessary aptitude for developing applications for several sectors such as aerospace, nuclear physics, among others. This is a must need a program from the government as in the current technology landscape, there is a dearth of talented software developers. Many organisations are trying to get rid of the employees who are incapable of managing tasks that use the latest technologies.

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Notably, in India, skill gaps have impeded the developments in various technologies, this, in turn, has negative impacts on the growth of the country. Instead of leaving the upskilling task for organisations, the government has righteously forged towards equipping students at the nascent stage. This will enable students to blaze their trail and make new advancement in several technologies.

Besides, the module is not just any other courses that education tech startups provide. The module will be taught by specialists, which will include fundamentals as well as intermediate skills. Students will be given a chance to interact and resolve their doubts with experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, and other similar prominent institutes will be included in the program to deliver superior learning experience.

To make CodeIndia accessible to every student, it will be offered in various languages other than English. This will allow students from diverse regions to learn and make their mark in the technology marketplace.

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In the future, the CodeIndia program will also lay the foundation to devise a curriculum by the human resource department for integrating it with the regular courses in schools.

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