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Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Makes An AI Move By Redefining Its Data Infrastructure

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Makes An AI Move By Redefining Its Data Infrastructure

The Chinese tech giant launched its first ever AI-Native database GaussDB and the highest-performance distributed storage FusionStorage 8.0 today. This announcement has proven that the tech giant has grown its roots in the AI strategy and solutions.

The demand for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and data science will never cease to end. According to the Huawei Global Industry Vision (GIV), the demand for AI computing power doubles every three months and the AI adoption will rise to 80% by the year 2025. Also, the global data volume will increase from 32.5 ZB in 2018 to 180 ZB in the same year.

David Wang, the executive director of Huawei stated, “AI-Native database GaussDB will help enhance HUAWEI CLOUD’s capabilities and fully unleash the power of diversified computing, which includes x86, ARM, GPU, and NPU computing. We aim to continuously push our AI strategy forward and foster a complete computing ecosystem. Together with our partners, we will move further towards the intelligent world.”

Huawei’s first AI-Native database, GaussDB is said to have these two major breakthroughs.

  • GaussDB pioneers the embedding of AI capabilities into the full lifecycle of distributed databases, making their self-O&M, self-tuning, self-diagnosis, and self-healing possible. In online analytical processing (OLAP), online transaction processing (OLTP), and hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) scenarios, GaussDB uses the optimality theory to create the industry's first reinforcement learning self-tuning algorithm, improving tuning performance by over 60%.
  • GaussDB harnesses the power of diversified computing, including x86, ARM, GPU, and NPU computing. In the TPC-DS benchmark test, GaussDB ranked No.1 in terms of performance, 50% higher than the industry average. It supports multiple deployment scenarios, including local deployment and deployment on private or public clouds. On HUAWEI CLOUD, GaussDB provides a full spectrum of high-performance data warehouse services for customers in financial, Internet, logistics, education, and automotive industries.

While the highest performance distributed storage, FusionStorage 8.0 offers three innovative features

  • FusionStorage 8.0 boasts the industry's highest distributed storage performance. In the SPC-1 test, FusionStorage 8.0’s read-write performance per node reached 168,000 IOPS in 1ms, powering distributed storage for the first time to support critical enterprise applications.
  • It simultaneously supports block, file, object, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) protocols, allowing a single storage system to manage an entire data center.
  • This storage integrates AI into full-lifecycle storage management, from resource planning and service provisioning, to system optimization, risk prediction, and fault location.

Up till now, these two solutions have been adopted by over 500 business partners, and are widely used in industries such as finance, telecoms, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. The tech giant has redefined data infrastructure from computing, storage, and data processing which leads diversified computing to make computing power more accessible and affordable.

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By redefining storage architecture, the tech company helps to increase storage efficiency and leads the way to intelligent storage. And a redefined data processing platform will make data analytics more intelligent and unleash the data of value faster. Looking to the future intelligent world, the Chinese tech giant will continue to invest and innovate, and work with partners to redefine data infrastructure.

Bottom Line

China is building to be a global nation of artificial intelligence with the increasing adoption of emerging technologies. According to the report, the country has laid out a development plan to become a world leader in AI by 2030. And these two launches are no less than a giant step towards surpassing the rivals technologically.

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