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Data Democratisation Startup Atlan Raises $2.5 Million In Series A Funding

Data Democratisation Startup Atlan Raises $2.5 Million In Series A Funding


Image credit: Waterbridge Ventures

Data democratisation startup Atlan this week secured a Series A funding for $2.5 million led by WaterBridge Ventures. The company, which works with more than 200 companies across the world, creates products and services which help teams in large enterprises collaborate easily on data projects.

Atlan has also been backed by Ratan Tata, Rajan Anandan, Manoj Menon and Hatcher, among others.


Now, with the new capital, Atlan intends to improve their product development and sign more customers. They are already working with over 200 famous brands like, Unilever, GroupM, Mahindra Group, Kotak Mahindra Bank and InMobi, among others.

Prukalpa Sankar, the co-founder of Atlan, said, “To win with data, diverse individuals such as engineers, data scientists and business users need to collaborate effectively. We are building the glue — the collaboration layer — for these diverse teams, to make them more agile and efficient. Just as HubSpot created a home for marketing teams and GitHub created a home for engineering teams, we are creating a home for data teams.”

Manish Kheterpal, the managing partner at WaterBridge Ventures, said in a statement, “Companies are struggling to overcome the friction that arises when diverse individuals need to collaborate, leading to project failure. The IPOs of companies like Slack and Zoom are proof that we live in the era of consumerization of the enterprise. With its sharp focus on data democratization, Atlan is well-positioned to reimagine the future of how data teams work.”

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