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David Zakkam

David Zakkam

  • Vice President - Analytics at Swiggy
David Zakkam, Vice President - Analytics at Swiggy

David Zakkam is the Vice President and Head of Analytics at Swiggy. He has 18 years of experience in Analytics and Data Science. 

Swiggy’s hyperlocal, time-critical business heavily depends on data-driven decisions. David’s teams are working on providing a better customer experience, helping restaurants grow through insights, ensuring drivers get good pay for their work, providing better discounts, reducing the cost of delivery, and evaluating new business models ensuring the safety of everyone involved. David is also working on democratising analytics, ensuring that hundreds of business, product, and technical team members are trained and enabled to perform their own analyses. 

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Before Swiggy, David was at Mu Sigma. He was a consultant at 23 companies across nine verticals, led analytics teams of over 450 people, and managed senior client relationships in Europe and the US. Interestingly, David started out as a “Scientist”, writing algorithms to identify drugs using computers. He is a graduate of IIT Delhi (2001) and IIM Calcutta (2006). 

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Outside of analytics, his interests are on the creative side and include playing the drums, singing, sports, and learning new languages.

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