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Demystifying Deep Learning | A Deep Dive With Great Learning | Join This Webinar

Demystifying Deep Learning | A Deep Dive With Great Learning | Join This Webinar

During the last few years, deep learning has emerged as a key interest area among key decision makers and developers, interested in how to use the technology in line of business functions. From training to deployment and productionizing the models, deep learning has become the tool of choice for tackling a range of industry problems.

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Join us in this webinar, as distinguished faculty member and industry expert present key advances in deep learning, what caused the boom in DL, its relevance to various classes of problems and its role in the larger AI space. Learn the principles behind neural networks, how to approach studying this booming field and how one can build a career in this space. Hear from educators and industry veterans, who have distilled their conversations with numerous industry leaders and practitioners into this informational session.

This webinar focuses on how developers can accelerate their career in deep learning and how the technology can be leveraged to ensure better business outcomes.

Who Should Attend This Webinar:

  • Students and IT Professionals who want to kick-start their journey in deep learning technology transition will gain a perspective on how to make a career in this booming field
  • With Deep Learning-as-a-service gaining prominence, C-Suite can get insights how to embrace deep learning for specific industry use cases
  • Researchers and data scientists working on specific domains can benefit from industry-specific training

Speaker Profiles:

Harish Subramanian – Director, Great Learning

Harish Subramanian is the Director of New Products at Great Learning. He cares deeply about making the absolute best learning outcomes ubiquitous. An MBA from  Kellogg School of Management, Harish’s professional career in education, management consulting, financial technology and venture capital spans 4 continents – Asia, North America, South America and Africa. Most recently, Harish was with The Boston Consulting Group and African Leadership Network.

Mukesh Rao – Academic Director – Data Science, Great Learning

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Prof. Mukesh Rao is a full-time faculty at Great Learning, and delivers courses in Machine Learning. With almost 3 decades of experience in the Analytics and Machine Learning industry, he has designed and implemented Machine Learning algorithms for abuse detection, social media analysis and report generation using MapReduce while working at Sourceone. Prior to this, Prof. Rao was with Wipro for over 12 years where he was the Head of PM Academy. Prof. Rao earned his PGDM from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Finance and Economics from Delhi University.

Friday, August 17, 2018, 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm IST

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