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Dozee: An AI-Powered Bedsheet From IIT Grads Can Predict Health Outcomes

Dozee: An AI-Powered Bedsheet From IIT Grads Can Predict Health Outcomes

Vishal Chawla
dozee sheet

dozee sheet

A group of IIT graduates has built up an AI fueled sensor sheet by the name of Dozee that can be put under the bed to identify health indicators, for example, heart condition, breath, sleep and stress parameters with high accuracy like in a hospital setting.

The gadget takes a shot at an innovation known as Ballistocardiography (BCG), which includes the measurement of the heart muscle movement. The BCG technology can be stretched out to track sleep movements concerning breathing, body movement, coughing, snoring, etc.

Mudit Dandwate, CEO and co-founder of Dozee says its algorithm have been trained over billions of data points and has resulted in 98.4 percent precision in estimating heartbeat and breath.

The gadget is controlled by AI engine that analyses a person’s wellbeing information to take note of the risk deviations from solid baselines and recognize any early indications of health issues that may face a person.

The group reports that the slight sheet comprises of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) based vibroacoustic sensors, and accompanies data collection and cloud based app to send over the data for analytics.

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The Dozee sensor sheet when set underneath the sleeping cushion under the chest of the client catches small scale vibrations delivered by the body each time the heart siphons blood, along with breath movements like exhalation, muscle jerks, tremors or other natural body movements.

These signs are then absolutely converted over into bio-markers by refined AI calculations. Biomarkers incorporate pulse, breath rate, sleep stages, apnea episodes while breathing, heart palpitations and pulse fluctuations, the researchers reported.

The data is then disseminated by the cloud servers to the cell phone application and web-applications to give remote access to clients, and their primary care physicians, as indicated by the group. It likewise cautions clients, overseers and the specialists to set up custom alarms for conditions, for example, arrhythmia, apnea. The sheet costs $100 (₹7000) for consumers to buy.

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