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Ambica Rajagopal

Ambica Rajagopal

  • Group Chief AI Officer at Michelin
Dr Ambica Rajagopal, Group Chief AI Officer at Michelin

Dr Ambica Rajagopal is Group Chief AI Officer, Michelin. In this role, she leads the Michelin Group’s focus on AI as a key technology initiative.

Ambica’s prior engagement was as  Chief Analytics Officer, STL Sterlite Technologies and Global Data Science Director, Advanced Analytics at Cummins Inc. Under her leadership, machine learning and AI technologies have been widely applied in manufacturing excellence, R&D and sales and marketing, with several AI systems in production, resulting in efficiency gains, dollar savings and a deeper understanding of processes.

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Ambica holds multiple patents and is a sought after speaker at national/international forums. She is an active member of global AI networks and industry forums guiding the development of AI as a technology, with a specific focus on Manufacturing/Industrial use cases. She is a member of the NASSCOM AI IoT Forum for Industry 4.0.

 Dr Ambica Rajagopal has a PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University.

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