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Hansa Cequity acquires Bangalore based Data Sciences company D-Square

Hansa Cequity acquires Bangalore based Data Sciences company D-Square

Pic: L-R: Mr. S Swaminathan, CEO and co-founder, Hansa Cequity and Mr. Ajay Kelkar, COO and co-founder, Hansa Cequity.

As a part of the deal signed between Hansa Cequity, India’s leading & largest customer marketing company and D-Square Solutions Private Limited, a data sciences and analytics company based out of Bengaluru, Hansa Cequity has acquired a majority stake in D-Square.

The deal, whose terms have not been disclosed, aims at scaling the breadth of analytics offerings and entering into artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.


In an official statement released by the company, S Swaminathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hansa Cequity said that apart from enhancing their analytics driven marketing offering, the acquisition would strengthen their data science expertise and help in building strong and cutting edge capabilities in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He added, “founded in 2009, Bengaluru based D-Square Solutions brings together business analytics products and consultancy solutions to help optimize time spent on informed decisions.”

Ajay Kelkar, COO and Co-Founder of Hansa Cequity said, “The new acquisition would help leverage on data science in many of Hansa Cequity verticals while giving a lot of focus and cutting-edge capability to the products and platforms that we are developing.”

With over 80 million unique customer profiles being hosted in their infrastructure, Hansa Cequity is India’s leading customer marketing company which provides customer strategy, data services, analytics, campaign management, digital and customer relationship Centre services for key clients across different verticals.

The deal comes as a first acquisition by Hansa Cequity in the analytics space. “D-Square will operate as a separate entity but will synergize its resources and offerings with Cequity,” informed Kelkar.

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Neeraj Pratap, Chief Operating Officer at Hansa Cequity

Anand Srinivasan, Founder and Chief Executive of D-Square Solutions believes that there has always been a growing appetite for data science by decision makers. D-Square currently caters to clients in IT & networking, BFSI and other industries across markets.

An alumnus of IIT, Chennai, Srinivasan is a thought leader and leading solution specialist in data science. He has done his Masters in Operations Research from Purdue University and has authored a book- Business Analytics, which is definitive guide to many industry practitioners.

Hansa Cequity had raised around $5 million (Rs 30 crore) from private equity firm ASK Pravi in June last year. With a team of about 700 professional, it prides in analysing over 70 terabytes of data & managing over 600 million one-to-one customer-intelligence interactions in a year.

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