How is AI transforming radiology?

Using AI, it is possible to have a stroke CT scan performed in Boston reported within 15 minutes from across the globe.

Traditionally, radiology has been described as a digitally-powered medical discipline that thrives on digitally analysing binary data. While it did have a first-adopter advantage for quite some time, radiologic procedures today are borderline antiquated. Combine the segment’s technological backwardness with the increasing volume and complexity of data, global storage of radiologists and lack of radiologic expertise, extreme workload/burnout, and the increasing scope of medical errors, and the need for change becomes apparent!Thanks to the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) in understanding images, text, and videos, the much-anticipated revolution in diagnostic radiology is perhaps on the horizon. In fact, AI-powered systems are already being used in computer-aided cancer detection, natural language processing to facilitate critical results reporting, auto-segmentation of organs in 3D postprocessing, radiomics, imaging biobanks, quantification and kinetics in postprocessing, and consultation of best guidelines for recommendations.

So if you are looking to modernise your radiology practice with AI, look no further. Analytics India Magazine has curated a list of the best-of-breed AI-powered radiology solutions available in India.

Teleradiology Solutions

Founded in 2002, Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) is a renowned teleradiology company providing quality emergent and non-emergent reporting services. The group forayed into the healthcare/medical tech space by introducing Telerad Tech in 2009. They offer an integrated cloud-based RIS/PACS platform, RADSpa®, that leverages AI to help radiologists review cases automatically and in real-time, benefitting over 20 countries and 150 hospitals across India, Asia, and Africa. As per Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, Chief Radiologist & CEO, Teleradiology Solutions, “It is possible to have a stroke CT scan performed in Boston reported within 15 minutes from across the globe.”


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TRS’s AI-powered solutions for radiologists promise higher analysis accuracy, volume & consistency, quick and seamless initial screening capabilities, the ability to mine imaging data endlessly, auto-detecting capabilities for specific pathology in various conditions, population management and a learning and automated rad-peer review system that acts as a quality assurance platform. Their tools will also aid radiologists in identifying additional “high-risk” patients and avoiding missed diagnoses.

The qER Suite by technologies

The qER suite combines AI-enabled neurocritical imaging solutions and telehealth solutions to help manage traumatic brain injuries and reduce the overall time to treatment through remote interventions and progression monitoring. The FDA-cleared and CE-marked solution provides treatment protocol guidance and quantification for midline shift, lateral ventricles, & hypodensities with automatic labelling and visualisation. The platform even allocates ASPECT (Alberta stroke programme early CT) Score to evaluate ischemic stroke severity. In addition, it comes with automated pre-populated reports of findings that clinicians can edit. Given that the suite is hardware & software agnostic, integrating it into existing workflows is seamless. Most importantly, the platform is highly accurate; it has achieved 97% accuracy in abnormality detection, to be specific.

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Interestingly, and Teleradiology Solutions have joined forces to reduce costs and enable smarter and faster diagnoses of X-ray and CT scan data. This was achieved by integrating’s chest X-ray technology with Teleradiology Solutions’ RADSpa.

RADIOLens by Synapsica

RADIOlens is an AI-powered PACS radiology workflow solution that automatically detects bad quality scans and creates preliminary reports for some most common modalities, making diagnostic workflows smoother. As of today, Synapsica has deployed this solution in 15+ countries and handled over one million cases annually.

AUGMENTO by aims to democratise radiology with its AI-enabled Cloud PACS platform, AUGMENTO. The solution completely transforms radiology workflows by enabling quantum improvement in productivity, quality, and TAT. Furthermore, it fosters collaboration by seamlessly connecting all stakeholders under a single pane of glass. Its key features include smart reporting with standardised and quantified reports, worklist prioritisation and pathology prediction, and simplified billing.

To date, AUGMENTO has served 60+ radiology experts, empowering them with the tools needed to improve revenue goals and achieve work-life balance.

Is this the future?

Though AI and AI-based solutions are poised to create a paradigm shift in radiology and healthcare in general, there are certain aspects that we need to address before the wave hits. For example, developers need to address issues concerning governance, medico-legal responsibility, and ethics. On the radiologist side, education and training will play a crucial role in integrating AI in their practice effectively. Practitioners and developers need to work in liaison to understand the gaps and ensure effective software/hardware development, implementation, and retention. Most importantly, we need to continue with these efforts in the interest of the patients, always prioritising their lives.

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