How this Gurugram based startup leverages AI to power logistics & supply chain solutions

Online sellers face a lot of hiccups in ensuring last-mile deliveries to difficult-to-reach terrains, primarily due to logistics barriers.

Haryana-based Pickrr Technologies provides end-to-end logistic solutions to D2C and B2B sellers and serves over 29,000 pin codes across India. The SaaS platform’s major offerings include Pickrr Plus, Pickrr Connect and Pickrr Predictt. Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Gaurav Mangla, CEO and co-founder of Pickrr Technologies, to understand the company’s tech stack. 

AIM: What problem does Pickrr solve? 

Gaurav Mangla: Pickrr is a SaaS-based logistics start-up that uses big data, AI and ML-powered solutions to help D2C brands grow their business. Pickrr addresses the challenges sellers in the D2C ecosystem face with tech-driven value-added services and smart fulfilment facilities.

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AIM: How does Pickrr use technology to address challenges?

Gaurav Mangla: Amid the increasing competition, the logistics service providers must offer their services in line with the customers’ expectations. While there are plenty of processes involved in bringing perfection and accuracy into the logistics operations, reverse logistics is one aspect closely related to customer satisfaction.

Since huge shipping costs are involved in moving a product from the inventories to the customer’s doorstep, businesses incur significant losses on return orders without even making a sale. To help the sellers reduce the percentage of Return-to-Origin (RTO) orders, Pickrr has introduced a solution called Pickrr Predict. This value-added service on our platform provides predictive customer analysis to the sellers by considering nearly 50 parameters against every order and identifying their risk percentage. Sellers from across the country can then take necessary measures to mitigate the significant risk proportion attached to RTO orders, even before they are dispatched. 

Online sellers face a lot of hiccups in ensuring last-mile deliveries to difficult-to-reach terrains, primarily due to logistics barriers. It adds to their struggle to expand to these markets as customers prefer their shipments delivered within the same day, considering their impulsive buying habits. So, if a brand takes a long time to deliver an order, the shopper often changes his mind and refuses to accept the parcel. To expedite shipments to such parts of the country with a quick turnaround time and reduce the shipping costs for sellers, Pickrr has its pan –India network of intelligent Fulfillment centres. Since Pickrr Plus Fulfillment facilities are closer to the customers’ locations, our solution makes it easier for the sellers to promise and fulfil light-speed deliveries with reduced shipping costs. In addition, we are working with 20+ delivery partners and many local courier services to ensure timely deliveries.

AIM: What technologies do Pickrr use to drive operational efficiency? 

Gaurav Mangla: To make the logistics operations more efficient, we have introduced various value-added services like Pickrr Connect, Pickrr Predict, etc., ensuring quality customer service and helping businesses thrive. 

Pickrr has a courier partner recommendation engine that suggests the suitable courier partner for a certain consignment that will get the fastest delivery done in any region.

Pickrr Connect allows our sellers to stay connected with their end customers by informing them about their package at every step. The sellers can connect with their customers during all seven different stages of the order journey, from the order placing to delivery. As a result, the service builds transparency, ensures customers’ trust, and contributes to customer retention.

Pickrr Predict feature uses a predictive algorithm that runs through the orders before their dispatch and corroborates the risk percentage based on nearly 50 parameters. This allows the sellers from across the country to take necessary measures on high-risk orders and reduce the percentage of Return-to-Origin (RTO) even before they are out for delivery.

The extensive network of Pickrr Plus fulfilment centres is strategically positioned near the end consumers and has played a pivotal role in driving the growth of brands by cutting down transportation costs, executing same day and next day deliveries, and giving SKU performance intel to the brands for better inventory management.

AIM: How does Pickrr’s one-click integration work? 

Gaurav Mangla: Pickrr offers ready-to-install customised APIs that seamlessly connect any online store with Pickrr’s platform. After the seller has signed up with Pickrr and set up the account, they can do the integration in three simple steps:

Login to dashboard: After logging in, the seller needs to select the option of “Manage Channel.”

Connect your store: Next step is to add the URL of the online store, and Pickrr’s algorithm will start fetching data automatically for integration. 

Approve the connection: The final step is to approve the connection and configure the status.

Pickrr offers integrations with over 30+ e-commerce channels such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Unicommerce, WordPress, Vinculum, etc. 

AIM: How is the logistics sector evolving in India?

Gaurav Mangla: The logistics sector in India is witnessing unprecedented changes, and the recent shift of businesses into the online space has led to a surge in demand for faster and more efficient logistics. Impulsive buying habits of consumers are also prompting businesses to quicken their deliveries, even ahead of the promised time. Technology is playing a big role in shaping the sector: 

Big data management: As more online shoppers join the e-commerce industry, the data gets larger in volume; hence, managing data has become a mammoth task. Players in logistics sectors are utilising the same to identify consumers’ purchasing patterns. Then, based on the shopping requirements and interests of the customers, the brands can show them more options.

Faster delivery: With the surge in online shoppers, there is an unprecedented increase in the demand for faster deliveries. Big e-commerce players offer options for same-day delivery to provide a better customer experience. However, last-mile deliveries continue to be a persistent challenge for most emerging brands. Logistics players have been filling this gap and disrupting the industry by utilising advanced technologies such as RTO prediction, analysing the consumption pattern of the market, live tracking of the shipments, etc., leading to the best customer experience.

Warehousing: According to the study by CARE Ratings, 90% of the warehousing space in India falls under unorganised players. The current opportunities propelled by organised private players are standardising the warehouse segment, leading to significant improvements. These facilities use advanced technologies for better inventory management, faster package allocation, and swift deliveries.

The extensive network of Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centres stands as the backbone of last-mile operations for the company. Pickrr has a pan India reach of Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centres where sellers can store their products for faster deliveries of the shipments to their end customers. In addition, Pickrr’s warehouse management system (WMS) allows sellers to monitor their inventory in real-time across all their fulfilment facilities, providing insights into their SKU performance. 

Avi Gopani
Avi Gopani is a technology journalist that seeks to analyse industry trends and developments from an interdisciplinary perspective at Analytics India Magazine. Her articles chronicle cultural, political and social stories that are curated with a focus on the evolving technologies of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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