How This Startup Is Providing AI-Enabled Dashboard For Healthcare Industry

Machines have replaced humans in the healthcare sector. Be it recognition of cancer cells using MRI/CT scan machines or regression models to predict diabetes in patients, health-tech is evolving at a fast pace with the help of emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT, among others.

Founded in 2019, New Jersey-based startup, Doceree is a global network of physician-only platforms for programmatic marketing. In May this year, the company raised $1 million seed funding. 

The integrated and collaborative ecosystem of the company has enabled pharmaceutical brands and digital platforms to mutually benefit from untapped opportunities present in physician marketing in the most regulatory compliant and transparent manner. 

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Harshit Jain and Daleep Manhas, founder and co-founder of Doceree, respectively to get more insight into how it is driving emerging technologies in the healthcare sector to bring digital transformation. 

According to Jain, Doceree is disrupting the physician marketing landscape much in the same way digital ad networks transformed the consumer marketing space. With Doceree, Rx drug marketers can promote their brands in the digital domain to physicians without bothering about the regulations and transparency bottlenecks. 

At the same time, Doceree provides an opportunity for digital platforms to make more revenue. He added, “With our platform, they can now focus on their core business and the problems they are solving in healthcare than swaying their attention to making more monies.”

Flagship Product

Manhas stated that the flagship product is categorically an Ad Exchange where users (pharma companies) after getting access to the platform can curate their campaigns to showcase their brands to physicians on digital platforms. 

He said, “Through tech integration, we are able to bring the digital platforms’ ad inventory on Doceree’s platform which Pharma brands can access to create campaigns and achieve their business outcomes.”

The company has Doceree for Advertisers, where advertisers can run and manage campaigns for targeting physicians exclusively and Doceree for Publishers, where the publishers can integrate their platform with our network and add an additional revenue stream to their business model. 

Recently, the company has also launched an integrated programmatic email advertising solution for physicians which helps the publisher partners earn revenue on the newsletters that are sent out on a regular basis and the advertiser partners to reach out to physicians right inside their inbox.

How Doceree Platform Is Different From Others In The Market 

To this, Jain explained that effectiveness and efficiency are the prime differentiators that come from their razor-sharp focus on doctor-only platforms. Unlike other companies in the US where it has competition in programmatic physician marketing space, Doceree is focussing on doctor-only platforms for pharmaceutical brands to market themselves.

He added, “Besides, we are the only company in the category that has a global footprint with offices in the US and India. In India, we are the only programmatic platform in Physician marketing. The underlying thought is to ensure effectiveness. Our proprietary identity-resolution tool – Espyian – helps precision target Physicians, bringing efficiency to Physician marketing.”

Use of AI & ML @ Doceree

In order to change the landscape of physician marketing, the company has built its own proprietary identity-resolution engine, known as Espyian. Espyian takes into consideration over 150 different data points including the experience of the physicians, organisations they’re a part of, diagnosis that are written by them, prescriptions written by them, practice behaviour along with their digital behaviour, time being spent on different platforms, IPs being used, MAIDs belonging to them, among others.

Another development that the company is currently working on is the attribution models where marketers will be able to see the script lifts happening in real-time. 

Jain added, “We’ve started with building classification models based on supervised learning to understand and predict prescribing behaviour of Physicians. These models will help us in running exploratory analysis on a test control group which will enable us to create attribution studies.”

Core Tech Stack

Doceree uses Aerospike as an in-memory cache and is common off the shelf frameworks for creating ML models like Scikit, TensorFlow, etc. According to Manhas, the current core tech stack is divided into three sections:

  • Frontend: Angular8+ (NodeJS), Vanilla JS
  • Backend: Combination of NodeJS and GoLang
  • Infrastructure: The entire stack is deployed on AWS, where the company uses multiple services like S3 for building a data lake, RedShift for warehousing of millions of data points being processed at a daily basis, PostGres/MongoDB for SQL databases, Kinesis streams for processing real-time data and so on.

Future Roadmap

“We are planning to expand to 2 new international markets in 2021. We would also be looking at certain acquisitions in the space,” said Jain on a concluding note.

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