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India Ready To Lead The World In AI, ML, Cloud Computing: Mukesh Ambani

India Ready To Lead The World In AI, ML, Cloud Computing: Mukesh Ambani

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mukesh ambani mobicon
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Reliance Industries Limited head Mukesh Ambani this week lauded India’s strong economic growth and said that the country was entering a new era of digitisation. Speaking at the 24th MobiCom conference in New Delhi, Ambani also said that 99.9% of the Indian population would receive 4G coverage by the year 2019.

He also said that India has climbed from 155 to number 1 in global mobile data consumption and that India would be pioneering the Industrial Revolution 4.0. He said, “Earlier, the world had witnessed three industrial revolutions. The first one was powered by coal and steam. The second was fuelled by electricity and oil. And the third used electronics and information technology. During the first two revolutions, India languished on the fringes. It started playing catch-up in the computer-driven Third Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now upon us. It is marked by a fusion of technologies straddling the physical, digital and biological worlds.”

Ambani added that now India is now the position of leading the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, which is AI, machine learning and cloud computing.

The RIL chief also said that India is rich and fertile ground for entrepreneurship and that is the third fastest growing startup economy. He went on to say that the country will have easy access to cloud computing within the next decade.

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ACM MobiCom 2018, the Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, is the twenty-fourth in a series of annual conferences sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE dedicated to addressing the challenges in the areas of mobile computing and wireless and mobile networking.

Speaking at the Indian Mobile Congress last week, Ambani had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “visionary” and had said that he had empowered India in the last five years and that he had launched a number of transformative initiatives than in a comparable period anywhere in the world.

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