“Intelligent Manufacturing” –One Day Workshop on Data Science, Mumbai – 11th December 2014


Data Science Institute, a part of the Usha Martin Group, is hosting a one day workshop on ways to increase efficiency and throughput in the manufacturing and engineering sector. The ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’ workshop is exclusively for 20 business leaders from the manufacturing and engineering sector to discuss the benefits of Data Science and Big Data Analytics. The workshop will be run by renowned Data Scientist and consultant Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru.

Mumbai – 11th December 2014


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“Intelligent Manufacturing” will focus on using Data Science and Big Data Analytics for deriving meaningful business insights that will help manufacturing industries improve efficiency and throughput.

Through this workshop we are creating a platform for only 20 senior management delegates to discuss one-on-one case studies based on our experiences of Data Science consulting, including one of India’s biggest manufacturing companies. Through this knowledge sharing forum, we aim to edify the attendees on:

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  • Introduction to extracting insights from Data
  • Data Science case studies across verticals
  • Differences between the data science way, statistical way and engineering way for solving manufacturing problems
  • Scoping a Data Science and Big Data problem
  • A 1000 feet view of Data Science project life cycle
  1. How to scope Data Science problem, what type of business problems can be solved, how to prioritize?
  2. Techniques to analyse data, how to execute Data Science projects?
  3. What type of statistical model is used to solve various Data Science problems?
  4. How to scientifically evaluate the ROI?
  5. Productivity enhancement of a plant
  6. Failure detection in contact lens manufacturing
  7. Supply chain optimization for waste treatment

d) Customer analysis for FMCG

  • Building good Data Science teams, skill sets needed and identifying good partners
  • How analytics can substantially help a manufacturing unit through real-world use cases from operations, quality, supply chain and marketing.
  • Case Studies about:
  1. Productivity enhancement of a plant
  2. Failure detection in contact lens manufacturing
  3. Supply chain optimization for waste treatment
  4. Customer analysis for FMCG
  • Data science through a one-on-one discussion and Question and Answer session

About the Speaker

Dr. Murthy is a renowned Indian data scientist with more than 15 years of work experience after PhD as a chief data consultant to fortune 500 companies.  Dr. Murthy has filed for 5 patents in Retail and Telecom Analytics, and has more than a dozen published international articles, presented in over 50 international seminars and conferences.  He is a brand name in the world of Data science.

Over the past few years, he has been actively teaching and consulting data science and big data analytics to working professionals from diverse industries with a wide range of experience.

How to Register?

To register, contact Shaona Mukherjee. You can either drop a mail to shaona.m@thedatascienceinstitute.com or call up directly to know the details. Phone numbers +91-9836431379 | +91 033 4013 4731

The workshop Registration fee is INR 15000/- + taxes per delegates (inclusive of executive lunch and study materials)

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