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Interview- Adarsh Noronha, Country Manager – India at Informatica

Interview- Adarsh Noronha, Country Manager – India at Informatica


Informatica is one of the leading independent software providers in the United States. Focused on delivering transformative innovation for the future of all things data, it empowers its customers to connect their data to anything and everything, helping organizations to unleash their information potential.

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Analytics India Magazine interviewed Adarsh Noronha of Informatica to know more about how Informatica plans to take on the India market.

Based out of their Bangalore office, Adarsh Noronha is the Country Manager at Informatica. In his current role, Adarsh is responsible for assisting organizations towards making their data ready for use, such that they can put data at the center of everything their business does.

Adarsh and team firmly believe that clean and accurate data is the bedrock of truth that enables organizations to ask and answer interesting questions, build useful tools and develop better human relationships.

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Analytics India Magazine: Please provide an overview of Informatica to our readers, specifically your offerings in Big Data & Cloud space.

Adarsh Noronha: Data needs to be managed strategically as an asset in order for enterprises to derive desired outcomes from it. Top performing enterprises understand this and aim to be data-ready in all aspects of their business. We help create big data ready enterprises by providing the industry’s first and most comprehensive data management solution architected to ingest, process, clean, govern, and secure big data at scale.

Informatica Big Data Management brings together big data integration, big data quality and governance, and big data security in a single integrated solution. Offering hundreds of pre-built high performance connectors, data integration transformations, and parsers to enable virtually any type of data to be quickly ingested and processed on big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and MPP appliances, business analysts can make better decisions using next-generation analytics tools.

Moreover, Informatica also helps enterprises to be cloud ready and to realize the potential of their SaaS investments. Informatica Cloud goes beyond traditional point-to-point integration vendors by offering a complete suite of solutions that support cloud integration for batch and real-time patterns, cloud test data management, cloud data quality, and cloud master data management, all powered by the market-leading cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

AIM: Since, Informatica is already one of the leading independent software providers, what sets it apart from its competitors?

AN: We believe great data powers great business. By designing data management solutions which are database and application agnostic, we effectively remove the technical barriers that prevent many enterprises from accessing critical data sets and from ‘thinking data first’. This is an important quality which our customers appreciate because we help them stay competitive in ever-changing business conditions, and even as new technologies emerge.

AIM: This brings us to our next question on, how do you aim to position yourself in the upcoming years?

AN: We will maintain our position as a leading data management solutions provider of choice globally. With continued innovation in all things data, we will partner our customers to create data-ready enterprises that know how to seize the opportunities created by big, dynamic, multi-sourced, omni-connected, ever-present, always-on data.

AIM: What are the company goals for future, pertaining to the data integration market?

AN: Business agility mandates an end-to-end agile data integration platform, which can rapidly, reliably, and securely integrate data from both traditional and modern data sources. Informatica has been recognized as a global market leader in data integration. We understand how critical data integration is to the success of any enterprise that relies on data-driven decision making and business processes.

We will continue to have dedicated focus on data integration, offering synergistic product portfolio and aligning technical innovation with business needs. In this new world of big data and hybrid IT, our goal is to help customers put great data at the heart of everything they do.

AIM: What would you like to say about the trends in big data?

AN: The big data space is facing a lot of challenges due to the traditional data management methods being used at many enterprises. These methods make data ungoverned and unprotected. Data scientists are finding it difficult to derive insights out of this unorganized data.

Informatica recently introduced the Intelligent Data Lake, which deals with big data by working in a collaborative way of finding, preparing and governing the data, and making it ready for analytics.

Innovation and new ideas will be developed using Data Lakes in future. When the analysis from big data becomes useful, there will be repeated analysis and all the important data can be put into these data lakes ensuring that the data is always secure and good for the business to use.

AIM: Could you elucidate more on where does Analytics come into picture at Informatica?

AN: Data quality problems and integration challenges are the two most commonly cited barriers to analytics success. No matter how many great applications and visualization tools get thrown at poorly managed data, the result will be the same – unreliable analysis and ineffective decision-making. Informatica’s expertise and solutions for data management help fuel data analytics initiatives with data that is clean, complete, contextual and trustworthy to use. This is how we make next-generation analytics work.

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