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Interview – Rahul Deshmukh, Director – Web Intelligence at Splunk

[frame align=”left”] [/frame]Fourth in the series, Analytics India Magazine talks with Rahul Deshmukh on how Splunk is helping organizations drive value from their machine data.

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”2″]AIM[/dropcap]Analytics India Magazine: Could you tell us more about the topic that you are speaking at The Fifth Elephant?


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[dropcap style=”1″ size=”2″]RD[/dropcap]Rahul Deshmukh: Splunk’s mission statement is “Make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.”  , Splunk is the leading provider of operational intelligence software used to collect and harness massive machine data to provide new levels of visibility and insight for IT and the business. Typically users start using Splunk to search and investigate their machine data – to find and fix problems dramatically faster. As they find causes of issues, problems and attacks, they start monitoring for these automatically. They then use Splunk to gain end-to-end visibility to track and deliver on IT KPIs and make better-informed IT decisions. They then use Splunk to deliver real-time insight from operational data to make better-informed business decisions. [pullquote align=”left”]Splunk is a freemium model – for the first 500 MB of daily indexed data, Splunk is Free.

Splunk offers both an on-premise and cloud version.

Splunk integrates with Hadoop and helps manage Hadoop deployments.

For more information visit:[/pullquote]

AIM: How was Splunk incepted, how has it evolved over years and what is the next step?

RD: Splunk started in 2004, with the first release on 2006.  Splunk started with solving IT issues and in the earlier days was called “Google for IT data”.  Over the years, customers realized the value in the machine data and started using Splunk from troubleshooting their applications to proactively monitoring their business. Splunk is software that collects machine-generated data from virtually any source. It indexes the data, aggregating it so you can search and query the data from one place in real-time  Currently, 54 of the Fortune 100 companies use Splunk, and there are over 4000 paid customers that use Splunk.

AIM: Splunk specializes in so-called machine data. Could you tell us what you mean by that?

RD: Machine data is non-standard, highly diverse, dynamic and high volume. You will notice that machine data events are also typically time-stamped – it is time-series data.

AIM: Why is making machine data accessible to organization “disruptive” according to Splunk?

RD: Splunk is making machine data or machine generated data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.  In the past, this data would be with the select group of individuals who had to use things like “grep” to troubleshoot their applications or resolve security related issues.  Splunk has provided collection, indexing and visualization of this data an easy to use interface.

AIM: What according to is future of analyzing machine data?

RD: At Splunk, we observe the customers derive value from their machine data in a variety of use cases.  Beyond analyzing digital (web, mobile, social), Splunk’s customers are using this data for Manufacturing, energy, Healthcare sectors.  Extending the data using SDKs or API as well as Big Data are some of the new areas for machine data. [divider top=”1″]

[spoiler title=”Biography of Rahul Deshmukh” open=”1″ style=”2″] Rahul has a unique blend of Web Analytics strategy, Business Intelligence and marketing experience. He is currently Director – Web Intelligence at Splunk. Previously, he was Sr. Manger -Search Analytics at eBay. His team worked on analytics and optimization for Product Based Experience, Catalogs, Fitment, Classification and Advertising. Prior to eBay, Rahul was an Independent Web Strategy consultant focused on Social Media. His past experience includes Director of Analytics and Optimization for and Dell. Rahul serves on the Client Advisory board for Hitwise and has spoken at Google and eMetrics conference.[/spoiler]

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