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Keep Your Resume Ready For These Cool AI-Based Jobs That You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Keep Your Resume Ready For These Cool AI-Based Jobs That You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

As the reality of flying cars and colonisation of Mars edges towards reality, the man-machine future, as espoused by Ray Kurzweil seems like a possibility.  According to a report released by Cognizant on 21 More Jobs Of The Future, the job market will grow by leaps and bounds, but technologies like AI, automation, algorithms, bots and big data will spawn futuristic job roles that professionals can tap into. And these new job roles will fall under the purview of ethical behaviour, security and safety and dreams.

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In this article, we list down the top five futuristic jobs for 2019.

1) Cyber Attack Agent:  With cyber attacks and breaches on the rise, the job role of Cyber Attack Agents will gain importance. Cyber Attack Agent is someone who will liaise with Governments to control the data breaches and prevent loss of data theft. According to the study, agencies like the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK, are already looking for new cyber agents who are capable of protecting their cyber infrastructure. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a similar organisation in India that responds to computer security incidents in the cyber space.

Key Role:

  • Cyber Attack Agents map out key infrastructure in adversarial states
  • Strategiseon the most expedient and effective means with which to target adversaries’ infrastructure and systems

Key Requirements:

  • Five years or more of experience in cyber infiltration work
  • Experience in computer programming across Hadoop and Python.

2) Smart Home Design Manager: With the gadgets and slew of home appliances becoming IoT-enabled, the future looks promising for designers who want to make smart homes a cosy place to live in. The key to becoming a successful Smart Home Designer is to be updated about the latest technologies and customisation.

Key Role:

  • Understand clients’ specific needs and match it with the latest smart home technology available
  • Work remotely with the latest CAD and imaging software to deliver design services to geographically dispersed clients

Key Requirements:

  • A minimum of three years of experience in traditional architecture.
  • Excellent knowledge of smart home technology

3) Algorithm Bias Auditor (ABA): Can machines lie? Well, if not for lying, they are prone to errors and this is where an ABA will come in handy. With AI being integrated into every aspect of a company’s working, ABA is required to cross-check the algorithms, including its input and output.

Key Role:

  • Create and maintain an inventory of all algorithms across businesses, put in place guidelines to lead the development teams’ understanding of appropriate and non-appropriate algorithm development

Key Requirements:

An understanding of modern, leading-edge IT development, will provide candidates with an advantage. Also, an interest in leveraging the benefits of leading-edge technology while mitigating its downsides will be helpful

4) Head of Machine Personality Developer: Intertwining emotions to machines remain the crux of this job. As much as it is about technology, the person is also required to have a sound understanding of sociology, psychology and machine design. A machine personality developer is required to give a unique character to the product by tapping into the personality algorithm.

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Key Role:

  • Inject the “voice of the customer” into the machine personality brief, by capturing the desired customer preferences and aversions at the point of delivery.
  •  Tune the personality algorithm with inputs and outputs to the machine interface to fine-tune the offering post-implementation.

Key Requirements:

  • A background in digital engineering and product management, Commercial experience in customer journey mapping and voice of the customer metrics.
  • Focus on next-best-action analysis an advantage.

5) Virtual Identity Defenders (VID): With media organisations and newspapers embroiled in fake-news controversy and with social media playing a key role in spreading these fake news, it is important for organisations to ensure what they say or write is factually right. The role of a Virtual Identity Defender will help companies create a digital watermark to be on the safer side.

Key Role:  

  • Liaise with product marketing to create customer and prospect feedback loops.
  • Interface with technology infrastructure management to ensure world-class customer experience levels

Key Requirements:

  • Experience in nontechnical functions (i.e.,pre-sales, finance, etc.) will convey an advantage.
  • Executive leadership in a tier-one technology company


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