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Consumer Electronics Producers LG, Sony, Samsung Give Telly An AI Touch

Consumer Electronics Producers LG, Sony, Samsung Give Telly An AI Touch

The recently concluded CES 2018 saw many discussions and talks surrounding AI, and the unveiling of many AI-driven consumer products. Amidst the various technological innovations that took the stage, AI-enabled television managed to stand out.

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Consumer electronics manufacturers such as LG, Sony and Samsung unveiled their latest line of AI-powered televisions.

LG presented its line of OLED and Super UHD LCD TVs as a part of its AI-based appliance branding ThinQ. These televisions are powered by Google Assistant and thus takes care of a family’s basic tech needs such as checking the weather and accessing smart home devices through voice commands. The new Alpha 9 processor, a key feature included in some of their high end models, provides superior picture quality.

Sony also announced its new line of OLED and LCD series of televisions, such as the A8F 4K OLED and X900F LCD TV . They are equipped with Dolby Vision and  HDR 10. Just like LG, Sony too will employ Google Assistant and push its goal of providing smarter televisions through AI integration by using Amazon’s range of smart speakers, Echo.

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The use of an AI assistant will help improve accessibility to various allied applications and functions. However, Samsung Electronics intends to use AI to provide a superior viewing experience.

Samsung Electronics presented its cutting-edge 8K AI technology in its 85-inch 8K QLED TV. The AI technology upscales low-resolution images to 8K picture quality.  While LG and Sony are enabling their line of televisions with Google  Assistant, Samsung has equipped its TVs with its own AI-assistant, Bixby. The 8K enabled QLED’s will be available TV sets bigger than 65 inches.


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