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5 Machine Learning Jobs Across India Via Analytics India Jobs

5 Machine Learning Jobs Across India Via Analytics India Jobs

Analytics India Jobs offers a new platform for the data science community in India by bringing to the fore latest job openings across the country.

Here are few machine learning job openings in Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad:


Deep Learning and Computer Vision Expert @ Pratibha Analytics, Hyderabad

The candidate will be part of a team that consists of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who are focussed on value creation for clients through automation, data and decision sciences. The main role of the team is to apply leading Advanced Analytics, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning and other AI frameworks, tools and techniques to solve clients issues and help them gain powerful new insights to improve revenues, profitability and reduce costs by solving for a range of KPIs and value drivers based on the client industry and functional domain area.


  • A degree in Msc. Stats, Phd in Statistics, Mathematics, Engg. in Computer Science, MCA, Masters in Computer Science or other business and engineering graduate streams with experience in Data Science and Advanced Analytics implementations.
  • 2-8 years experience, with strong knowledge and skills in statistics, mathematics and computer science.
  • Deep skills in Computer Vision solutions using CNN, RNN and other ensemble algorithms and methods.
  • Experience in design and delivery of leading Analytics / AI solutions to clients by applying your deep skills in above mentioned disciplines including Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe, R, along with strong understanding of all key market leading Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, frameworks, methodologies and tools.

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Data Scientist @ MedCords, Pune

MedCords started its operations in Rajasthan in 2017, starting from one district in Kota. Since then, they have reached over thousands of villages, lakhs of patients and building a personalised health assistance for patients.

They use the highest standards of data security to keep the records secure along with granular permissions.


  • Practical knowledge of Deep learning algorithms such as Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN).:
  • Experience with computer vision techniques (Image Classification, Object Detection i.e YOLO, Faster R-CNN
  • Strong knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, Machine Learning Algorithms: Regression, Classification, and Clustering algorithms.
  • Hands-on experience in decoding and understand pre-trained deep learning models such as inception-net, VGGnet.
  • Ability to understand and implement state-of-the-art research papers. Basic knowledge of NLP algorithms such as Document summarization, TF-IDF.
  • Hands on experience of data visualization libraries such as Matplotlib, seaborn and Bokeh.

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Lead Data Scientist @ Rinalytics, Bangalore

Rinalytics is a specialized talent search and talent advisory firm focused exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management leadership talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors.

The team at Rinalytics brings to bear a combination of industry-specific expertise and an unrivalled reputation for delivery on key positions.


  • Programming skills in Python (Must)
  • Build Machine Learning or Deep Learning models
  • Good understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Understanding (NLU) and Generation (NLG).
  • Experience with open source ML frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
  • Advanced knowledge in model evaluation, tuning and performance, operationalization and scalability of scientific techniques and establishing decision strategies.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in developing supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms.

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Principal Machine Learning Engineer @ Leben Care Technologies, Hyderabad

Founded in late 2016, Leben Care offers automated medical image analysis algorithms that improve access and quality of diagnosis across areas of life sciences.

Their mission is to develop artificial intelligence products and solutions that improve access and quality of diagnosis across areas of life sciences.

Principal ML engineer would be part of  a world-class AI RnD team to enhance the Netra.AI platform enabling next generation of medical imaging diagnostic for Ophthalmology.

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  • Master’s Degree or PhD – Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Hands on Experience in implementing deep learning architectures using latest machine learning tech and frameworks.
  • Existing track record as a researcher in machine learning with published scientific journal.
  • Design and build novel machine learning models to solve unique medical problems and improve patient outcomes.
  • Test and evaluate algorithms on large medical datasets to prove robustness
  • Deliver high quality and production-ready code
  • Solid Python and C++ experience and Linux user.
  • Solid mathematical background.
  • Experience with a vast set of computer vision libraries.
  • Deep understanding and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art Medical Image Analysis algorithms will be a plus.

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Data Scientist @ Aryng, New Delhi

Aryng is a unique partnership of analytics professionals with decades of experience in Fortune 100 companies, conducting analytics, building and managing Business Intelligence and Analytics teams.

Aryng’s data analytics training and consulting practice is the product of years of experience and our unique proprietary knowledge; not only about using analytics to generate insights but, even more importantly, how to take those insights to impact through the softer skills of communication and influencing.


  • 2 to 5 years of demonstrated experience in analytics, data science and machine learning
  • Bachelors in Engineering, mathematics, statistics or equivalent; Masters preferred
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to think strategically
  • Hands-on comfort in ML techniques including Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Decision Tree, K-means clustering, Neural Networks, Text Analytics, Random forest
  • Strong data analytics skills and experience with SQL, R or Python.
  • Experience with Deep learning/AI a plus
  • Work with clients to solve high-value problems in the product, marketing, operations, and UX.
  • Identify opportunities for leveraging client data to drive business solutions.
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques.
  • Develop custom data models and algorithms to apply to data sets.
  • Use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experiences, revenue generation, increase growth and drive profit.

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