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MachineHack Data Science Hackathon: Use ML To Predict Costs Of A Meal At A Restaurant

MachineHack Data Science Hackathon: Use ML To Predict Costs Of A Meal At A Restaurant

Who doesn’t love food? All of us have a craving for at least a few favourite food items, and many restaurants are on our “perfect spot” list.

But if there’s one factor that makes us reconsider eating out is the cost. In MachineHack’s latest hackathon called Predicting Restaurant Food Cost Hackathon, you will be predicting the cost of the food served by the restaurants across different cities in India. You will use your Data Science skills to investigate the factors that really affect the cost, and gain interesting insights that might help you choose what to eat and from where.

About the Data Set

This hackathon of MachineHack has a problem of predicting the price of a restaurant using a training set of 12,690 records and a test set of 4,231 records. The data consists of the following features:

TITLE: The feature of the restaurant which can help identify what for whom it is suitable for.

RESTAURANT_ID: A unique ID given for each restaurant.

CUISINES: The variety of cuisines that a restaurant offers.

TIME: The open hours of the restaurant.

CITY: The city in which the restaurant is located.

LOCALITY: The locality of the restaurant.

RATING: The average rating of the restaurant by customers.

VOTES: The overall votes received by the restaurant.

COST: The average cost of a two-person meal.

Steps To Start The Hackathon

1.Open your favourite browser and go to

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2.If you are a new user click on sign up and register on MachineHack with your email. Click the login button if you have already registered to MachineHack.

3.After logging in, click on “Hackathons” which will take you to the page with a list of all the MachineHack hackathons. Select the latest hackathon from the list titled “Predicting Restaurant Food Cost Hackathon”. Read through each of the highlighted sections of the Hackathon to understand the problem clearly.

4.Click on “Start Hackathon” to enter the challenge, read through the rules and click on “Start Course” which will take you to the submission page.

5.In the submission page, the training set, test set, and sample submission can be downloaded from the “Attachment” section and your submissions can be made by following the submit link in the “Assignment” section. Please note that after clicking on “Finish Hackathon” you cannot submit any more entries. Finish the hackathon only when you have no more submissions to make.

6.The scores of your submission will be updated within five minutes after submission. To check the leaderboard after solution, click on the hackathon’s leaderboard.

MachineHack comes up with a number of interesting hackathons to give many challenging problems to data science enthusiasts. Here are all its hackathons. It recently concluded its hackathon titled “Predict The Flight Ticket Price Hackathon”.

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