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Microsoft Adds More AI Firepower To PowerPoint With A Presenter Coach

Microsoft Adds More AI Firepower To PowerPoint With A Presenter Coach

microsoft powerpoint

microsoft powerpoint
Image Source: Microsoft. Redmond giant adds more AI capabilities to PowerPoint Designer, introduces Presenter Coach

Microsoft has added more firepower to PowerPoint Designer by adding more AI-based capabilities to its popular platforms. Microsoft gave a new spin to PowerPoint a few years ago with PowerPoint Designer, that boasted of AI capabilities. The revamped offering helped customers overcome some of the fear around building an effective slide by offering up suggested slide designs, a company statement notes.

Designer also bumped up usage significantly. The adoption rate of suggested slides has grown exponentially and in April 2019, it reached a major milestone of 1 billion slides created with Designer since the launch in 2015.  

Now, Microsoft has announced new designer capabilities. In fact, their AI effort has moved beyond Designer—with Presenter Coach— that can help our users build confidence in their presenting abilities. The new capabilities in PowerPoint are designed to help people make effective slides and presentations with minimal time and effort while staying in their creative flow.

Users can get more intelligent design recommendations and stay on brand with Designer for branded templates. The new upgraded PowerPoint AI will enable designers work seamlessly with a company’s branded templates. With the launch of Designer for branded templates, companies can make sure the design recommendations people see meet their corporate branding and visual identity guidelines. In addition to make data more relatable, PowerPoint features an integration with Microsoft Research’s Perspective Engine, which will help designers recognise a slide that contains a large number that might be difficult to interpret and put into context by automatically augmenting the text with a corresponding perspective.

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And one of the most outstanding and valuable additions is the availability of Presenter Coach in PowerPoint. This feature will help users give more effective presentations and even lets one know when s/he is just reading off the slide.

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