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Microsoft In Association With Apollo Hospitals To Use Artificial Intelligence In Cardiology

Microsoft In Association With Apollo Hospitals To Use Artificial Intelligence In Cardiology

Microsoft recently announced to bring artificially intelligent solutions to boost research in the area cardiology. The announcement which came at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Microsoft showed its interest in the expansion of Microsoft Intelligent Network for eyecare (MINE), to create AI focused network in cardiology. They have plans of partnering with Apollo Hospitals, one of the largest health systems in India.

They would develop and deploy new machine learning models to predict patient risk for heart disease and assist doctors on treatment plans. The team is already working on an AI powered Cardio API (application program interface) platform.

“Our unique partnership with Apollo brings together our learnings in artificial intelligence and machine learning areas and Apollo’s experience and expertise in cardiology.  The systems of intelligence we create can change the lives of patients and the work of medical practitioners enabling accessible healthcare to all,” said Dr. Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, AI & Research, Microsoft.

“This collaboration marks a paradigm shift for patients and the management of non-communicable diseases the world over. Given our large clinical database and significant pool of clinical talent, this partnership will help impact the global burden of cardiac disease”, said Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals.

Reddy also believes that this collaboration with Microsoft will help better predict, prevent and manage heart diseases in the country. “While we commence this in India, we will validate the algorithms and work towards creating a global consortium to tackle multiple conditions in cardiovascular disease,” she said.

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Microsoft had launched MINE in collaboration with L V Prasad Eye Institute to bring technology in the foreplay. The company had aimed at using data, advanced analytics and machine learning technology in the eye care.

Anil Bhansali, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & Enterprise, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited said, “We started with eyecare – and today we are expanding into cardiac care.  We have been working with our customers and partners within the healthcare sector to create AI models that can help provide doctors and health care providers insights in their treatment plans.”

The AI Network for healthcare is part of Microsoft Healthcare NExT aimed to accelerate healthcare innovation through artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

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