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Nabler – The Digital Analytics Company

Nabler – The Digital Analytics Company

Bhasker Gupta

Founded in 2004, Nabler has swiftly grown into a full-service, new-age Digital Analytics company. With over 8 years of extensive experience, their expert analysts help some of the top Fortune 500 global brands analyze digital data, allowing them to make smarter, data driven marketing strategies. Their services include Site Analytics, Campaign Reporting, Implementation, Dashboard services, Social-Media Analytics and Software services for Custom Digital Analytics solutions.

Nabler is one of the top Digital Analytics service providers featured in the Frost & Sullivan 2012 report on Online Analytics. According to the report, Nabler may be the largest pure online analytics services company by headcount.

Their core area is digital analytics and they provide undivided focus to their clients on it. They are well-known for their deep domain knowledge, ability to transcend off-the-shelf products by delivering truly customized solutions, competitive pricing and ultra-high data security practices.

Nabler partners with some of the top global organizations who are leaders in their respective industries. Having analyzed their complex digital analytics needs, they know what it takes to generate actionable insights when there are multiple websites, data streams, email campaigns, social media, and many offline channels that have an impact on the overall marketing output. Over the years, their analysts have gained vast knowledge and insights into various analytics technologies and techniques. With hundreds of websites under their constant purview, they evolve continuously with the new challenges that crop up daily in the online analytics world. Their certified experts continuously update their talent repository to work on the latest digital analytics tools and make the most of their latent features.

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Nabler’s analysts are an expert on leading online analytics products, from Adobe, IBM, Webtrends, Google and, most recently, Yahoo!. The company’s R&D division continuously churns out innovative and customized products for specific analytics requirements of global businesses. One of their latest offerings is MapMyLead, which enables clients to monitor and analyze site visitor behavior through a unique Nabler-developed IP tracking mechanism. Another unique offering is it’s ‘ON DEMAND – Remote Web Analyst’ service which is seeing a huge response in the market today.

Nabler is a premier corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and also part of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network.  Nabler is based in Bangalore, India and North Carolina, USA. For more information, you can visit them at:

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