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NASSCOM and Blueocean Market Intelligence to unveil a joint study on growth of analytics in the Indian domestic market

NASSCOM and Blueocean Market Intelligence to unveil a joint study on growth of analytics in the Indian domestic market

blueoceanMumbai, June 16, 2014: National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), in association with Blueocean Market Intelligence, a global analytics and insights provider, will unveil a joint study on the growth of analytics in the Indian domestic market. The study will focus on the present state of affairs and  growth potential and key drivers of adoption of analytics in India and will be launched during the upcoming “Big Data and Analytics Summit 2014” to be held in Hyderabad on June 27.

The “Big Data and Analytics Summit 2014” shall primarily be focusing on what it takes to build an Analytically-mature organization with analytics embedded at the business core & across the business value chain, how brand India is the next big “global hub” for Analytics & Big Data, thought leadership in the field of Analytics, share best practices on processes, tools, technology, technique and applications used in the context of analytics and also brainstorm upon how to build India’s Analytics talent strength.

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Realizing the pivotal role of analytics in transforming the country’s economy and for organizations to successfully compete in the global landscape; NASSCOM and Blueocean Market Intelligence have conducted a study to gauge the current share of domestic analytics market in India. This study draws comparisons between – India’s share in analytics outsourcing and domestic analytics market

With an objective to promote analytics in the India market, the top priorities of this study include; strategies to create awareness for adoption of analytics in enterprises and create a positioning of Indian domestic market as a significant hub for analytics. Apart from identifying the key barriers preventing growth of analytics in Indian domestic market, it will also provide recommendations for stakeholders such as industry, associations, Government and academia to encourage adoption of analytics in the country.

Commenting on the objective of this study, Mr Ashwin Mittal, President Blueocean Market Intelligence, said, “Globally, organizations have realized the potential and the value of adopting analytics to derive business benefits. Several sectors including, consumers, retail, banking and financials have taken to analytics to customize their products and services as per their customers’ requirements. In order to compete with the global players, it is imperative for the Indian market to adopt analytics and unleash its growth potential domestically.”

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Topics covered under this study include, current state of global analytics market and the Indian analytics market scenario – India’s share in analytics outsourcing, and the domestic analytics market. While it will unveil the growth potential and key drivers of adoption in India, the report will also provide analytics engagement models for easy reference to the domestic players.

‘The Big Data and Analytics Summit 2014’ is a one day event, scheduled on 27th June 2014 at Hotel Trident, Hyderabad.

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