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NetApp Announces AI Centre Of Excellence In Partnership With NVIDIA

NetApp Announces AI Centre Of Excellence In Partnership With NVIDIA

In the recent celebration of Netapp’s Data Visionary Centre’s one year anniversary, it announced the AI Centre of Excellence jointly with NVIDIA, who is a superpower in AI computing world today. With this CoE the companies aim to provide an environment for AI enthusiasts to showcase technologies and help customers and partners navigate the world of AI. The idea is to enable them to drive businesses of today and enterprises of tomorrow.

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As a part of the partnership, CoE will see notable investment by NetApp in the NVIDIA DGX workstation to provide customers and partners a better understanding of the role of AI and to deploy it to their advantage in a competitive environment. It will also enable them to experience first-hand the solutions and work with the skilled engineers from both NetApp and NVIDIA.

The CoE will make navigation to the complex AI journey easy by unleashing the full potential of data by simplifying and accelerating the edge to core to cloud data pipeline. The customers can thereby accelerate implementation and scale with pre-validated architecture. It will also showcase the impact AI had on global customers as a result of the collaboration.

The companies had announced their plans of working together on an “AI-proven architecture” a year ago. Powered by Nvidia’s DGX supercomputers and NetApp’s cloud-connected flash storage, both resolved to streamline organizational collaboration by bridging data and the cloud. Over the course of a year, NetApp integrated its systems with NVIDIA’s DGX series of the supercomputer to create a uniform service package for NetApp customers.

“Our partnership with NetApp will allow organisations to make the most of NetApp’s capabilities in storage and NVIDIA’s prowess in AI Computing as they strive towards delivering on the promise that artificial intelligence holds,” said Anil Valluri, President NetApp India and SAARC in the press briefing.

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This collaboration will make it easy for companies to deploy AI in an environment where the notion is taken into consideration that ‘Data is not a monolith’. Data comes in many forms and is created in different places making it challenging to access it from one point. By bringing IT and data science teams together, data and AI can interact seamlessly to fuel business innovation. Valluri said that the motive is to help organisations achieve “edge to core to cloud” control over their data by delivering unprecedented access and performance.

“AI Centre of Excellence will allow customers and partners to accelerate AI data pipelines across the edge, core, and cloud, enabling them a faster way to deploy AI with pre-validated architecture,” he said.

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