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NVIDIA vouches on building AI talent pool in India by launching “Inception Program”

NVIDIA vouches on building AI talent pool in India by launching “Inception Program”

Keeping in line with the innovation that India is witnessing in AI space, NVIDIA, the AI computing company has launched the NVIDIA Inception program, a virtual incubator program to brace up startups with revolutionary ideas in AI and data science.

With an aim to assist the members during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment, Inception provides a custom set of ongoing benefits to each startup from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.


Launched at the NVIDIA Emerging Companies Summit India, Inception would provide key support to help grow their businesses and bring products to market faster.

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The features that startups can avail from NVIDIA are:

  • Deep learning expertise: Being the world’s leading AI computing company, deep learning comes at the heart of everything they do. An Inception member can access their global ecosystem including a massive network of deep learning
  • GPUs: The deep learning community is using GPU-accelerated platforms for training and inference in every industry. Inception members can apply for GPU hardware grants, access the latest software, and get remote access to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Hands-on training: NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers online and in-person courses on the latest techniques for designing, training, and deploying neural-network powered machine learning in a range of applications.
  • Marketing lift: Inception offers startups a suite of benefits tailored to specific marketing goals, ranging from blogs and podcasts to event support and videos.
  • GPU ventures: NVIDIA invests in next-gen AI leaders through its GPU Ventures program, and every Inception applicant is submitted for consideration.
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